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Thread: Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae

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    I LOVED just about everything about the demo, especially Cindy. Need more Cindy.
    Though shouldn't her name be "Cidney", not "Cindy."

    The only negatives:
    The Counter-system definitely needs improvement. There needs to be more opportunities or effective ways to use counter attacks, like the Parry system in Street Fighter III or the Counter-system from the Batman:Arkham series. The player should be able Counter multiple attacks simultaneously if they're skilled enough or have the timing down.

    The button commands need to be more responsive, especially when transitioning from a melee attack to a defensive-stance.

    It would also help if the player could defend/counter against back-attacks, there were far too many instances in the demo where I was surrounded by multiple enemies and was curb-stomped until I was dead.

    Get rid of the "monster-closets", i.e. spots with endlessly spawning enemies. I discovered one while venturing into the Cave-area (at night), right at the point where Prompto gets separated from the group and is surrounded by Goblins. For every three I killed, six more would take it's place. They would literally spring-up from the ground, spawning faster than what my party could handle, making it virtually impossible for me to survive.

    Take page out of Dragon's Dogma, just double their EXP levels and triple their numbers at night, no monster-closets needed.

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    I've gone back through and played a few more times and I have a few additional critiques.

    1) The side-dialogue should involve Noctis more frequently, not just the other party members.

    2) Ignis' hair is several magnitudes more ridiculous than anyone else's. Also, while I see a gleam of potential char development for the rest of the party, I really don't see any for Ignis. He's just a little too dull, and there doesn't seem to be anything hidden beneath the posh facade.

    3) I want there to be a little more 'fantasy' incorporated into the 'reality'. There are plenty of little things they could do. Like... they could have some ancient magic-looking relics just sitting around, totally forgotten amongst the more modern architecture and development, indicating that while the world used to be full of crystals and magic, that age has, for the most part, passed. I'm relatively sure that's what the devs said they were going for. Or perhaps they could do something with the sky to make it seem a little more alien. Throw a couple moons up there. Maybe a sprawling nebula or two. Would at least give them a reason to brighten the night-time screen a little.

    4) Normal armiger combat should be more dramatic in the way Noctis moves through attacks. I want to feel like he is harnessing powers far beyond the scope of a normal man. An uptick in the battle theme might be good too.

    5) I feel like the analog stick direction should have a much greater impact on the way Noctis attacks. Forward should be some sort of thrust combo. L/R should be horizontal slashes and spin moves. Back should be like pommel strikes and moves that create space.

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    I find combat which is is gonna be such a huge part of the game really sluggish. Its way to fast for tactical combat which makes it more like an action game like DMC, bayonetta. But at the same time the controls are really slow to react to what you do its like its a pause between you pressing block to the character actually blocking. I think this has to do with animation in combat and after attacks are done, just taking to long to finish meaning Noctis just stand there and takes it before reacting.
    The biggest problem is the camera which is is to close to Noctis and doesn't track enemies even in lock on. This makes it really easy to get killed from something that you didn't even see and therefore cant react to. Combine these to issues makes it really hard to even parry attacks you see are coming because the game doesn't react to you pressing L1 or something else catches you off guard with a ranged attack. This happen a lot when you fight the robot soldier and on the behemoth.
    So the game really need make up its mind about being a slower more tactical or faster and more fluid in combat.

    I like the rest of it though :P

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    So I figured out the battle system (targeting) for FFXV if anyone cares to watch:

    Also, here is my review of the game:

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    Love what the game is becoming, I would really love to see dual wielding blade as a upgrade option in the final build thank you.

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