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    reaver help

    Hi all

    so im really liking the reaver class but im having a complete nightmare trying to have any success with it, as soon as i get in the melee i just get my face rolled and always getting out dpsd, im trying to get behind players but they always seem to roll away then im in an even worse spot and just get hexed for knifed, i just cant seem to get kills and any reaver i come up against just comes in and face rolls everyone.

    the build im using is sweaaping kick, smoke and haste, im only using haste to get some extra dps and would rather use an escape skill

    so was hoping someone skilled on using the reaver class could maybe give some tips on how to be succsefull with reaver it would be much appreciated

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    first and foremost id say swap haste for shadow step
    throw smoke at victim (this signals your team to attack)
    wait for team to go in then run in kick, swipe, swipe, shadow step out (all depending on how the team is doing)this works for me alot
    or shadow step in then attack (i like to kill low health players by run in/shadow step then kick them and run/shadow step out
    sounds like your going in alone and getting focused fired upon
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    Reaver was the first class I ranked up to 25. Here are some of the things I learnt along the way.

    1. Escape ability is best when pugging with randoms. Wrong place, wrong time moments happen often.

    2. Escape abilities can be used to approach as well as retreat. Bait people into blowing their CC cooldowns prematurely on you etc.

    3. Always attack as a team. This involves consciously waiting for every vamp to get into position.

    4. Team fights always starts with an Initiation. Normally Summoner's nukes or Tyrant charges.

    5. Reaver ideally goes in AFTER someone else initiated.

    6. Good Human defense is one where each Human is under the protection of every other Human's line of sight.

    7. Smoke grenade is compulsory when playing against good Humans.

    8. Perfect smoke placement is one where it blocks that protective line of sight (read #6 above)

    9. Do not pop smoke ON your intended victim. He will simply relocate. Drop that grenade between him and his buddies.

    10. Sneak up and drop behind your victim without taking damage doing that. You must be the one to land the first blow.

    11. Ideally your opening strike should be a charged melee. So drop into position at the right range.

    I then run through the following checklist to decide what happens next:

    - Melee misses, I take damage first = Escape instantly
    - Melee misses, I can land a quick strike without taking a hit = keep going

    - Melee hits, Human dodges badly = go for 1 more melee strike
    - Melee hits, Human runs = I commit and go for a kill
    - Melee hits, Human duels me correctly = I trade hits with him until I miss. Escape instantly when I do.

    - Getting CC'd or receive damage from another Human other than my victim = Escape instantly

    12. Consider your 'Primary Skills' as your secondary. Reaver's main weapon is his melee.

    13. Reavers are versatile creatures. They can fulfill many roles even as Initiator depending on loadout. But his most useful role other than frontline brawler is the 2 v 1 support. Meaning you let another brawler pick the victim. You simply join in and double team with him. If you play this role and your partner is a smoke grenade reaver - you may use choking haze instead and chuck that in an area other vamps are fighting in so you'll be doing damage at 2 different places at once. DO NOT waste choking haze as an opener. Throw it down only on friendly vampires already engaging in melee.

    14. As frontline Brawler, be content on doing more damage than you receive. Don't hesitate to escape. But don't abandon another Vampire if he seemed to have committed to going for a kill.

    15. Be happy to let Deceivers, Summoners and Charging Tyrants claim kills on Humans you worked on. As Brawlers, you are there to create opportunities for others to kill. On the same vein, don't waste your time brawling if no vamps are there to finish up. Retreat and regroup.

    16. If you notice you have a talented Sentinel on the team, switch to Shadow Step + Pounce. You can quickly combo with the Sentinel whenever he Kidnaps AND still go back into your team fights as 2v1 support.


    Last but most important : Learn to duel 1 on 1
    This is Reaver's primary trade craft. If you can't duel you can't play Reaver.


    Disclaimer: I'm no pro and I still suck at Melee.
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    Originally Posted by _Kine_
    Reaver was the first class I ranked up to 25. Here are some of the things I learnt along the way.
    These are some good tips, especially not throwing smoke at your target and only throwing Choking Haze when a fight has started+at a teammate.

    I've got Reaver to 25 and didn't use smoke, but really want to try some of this! I used to just hurl Choking Haze as an opener which is a terrible idea.
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    - Low/Mid level MMR
    - Human defense was not 'High Level' good
    - Vamp initiation and team fights in general were out of synch
    - After couple of early wipes, Humans started coming in single file turning the match into easy mode

    Having said that, I still adhered strictly to all the points made in the guideline above and was rewarded with a decent 10-0 killstreak. At low to mid level MMR, sticking to these basic rules will ensure you're an asset to the team.

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    really good advise here makes playing reaver a whole lot better, really nice vid aswell man

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    I say the best way is with hit and run tactics. Wait for your allies to get close, throw smoke into the enemy, and leap at them. What I do is use the leap to take a human down, and if it looks safe I'll keep attacking, if not, then I use that shadow step or whatever it's called and escape, hide, then strike from a blind side again. If my shadow step isn't recharged, I'll just be really careful.
    I really just say that hit and run tactics work best with Vampires overall.

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    Originally Posted by _Kine_
    Reaver was the first class I ranked up to 25. Here are some of the things I learnt along the way.

    Bloody marvellous sir, you're making me want to play reaver again