Thread: Capture The Body: Best Strategy You Saw Or Did

Capture The Body: Best Strategy You Saw Or Did

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    Capture The Body: Best Strategy You Saw Or Did

    My random Human comp:
    - Scout (Warbow, Knives) - me
    - Alche
    - Alche
    - Alche

    - Carrier (Smoke Reaver)
    - Bodyguard (Ignore Pain Tyrant)
    - Brawler (Reaver)
    - Brawler (Deceiver)

    Vampire team won convincingly.

    Vamp's team plan was simple. 1 dude drags the body. 1 other stays with him to body block knockdowns and projectiles. 2 brawlers go out and kill as many Humans they can as often as they can. Deceiver scouts ahead, Reaver finishes them off.

    My scrub alche believing the hype stood no chance and I couldn't snipe the carrier after they see the first tell tale arrow tracer. Tyrant will just tank it as carrier keeps on going. Corpse never got flamewalled once coz those 3 Alchemists couldn't handle the 2 vampire brawlers who kept going after them.

    Simple. Effective. I enjoyed losing that match.

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    I think the most successful setup I've seen work on vampire side had 2 summoners, a deceiver and a reaver (?). The summons and shield were helpful, but I honestly couldn't say the setup was what won the game, I think it's more dependent on everyone on the team being able to deal with the chaos and protect the objective while still being able to deal damage to other targets.

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    we used 2 tyrants to "relay" the body (while one was dragging the other was bodyguard till dragger dies then bodyguard becomes dragger) and other 2 vamps were randos. the tyrants were charge throw IP with undying perk. i would charge ahead then walk back to dragger killing on the way
    for humans i used alch with 2 others as alchy and my buddy used warbow trap scout he watches the body full drawn and i light up anyone that he drops (unless there is someone esle grabbing the body)
    I didnt loose a single match doing this. only one match was even close 4-2 all others were shutouts
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    Just one scout and vamps didnt hunt him down ?

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    Best human strategy is AoE on the body. As a Tyrant, I used Ignore Pain to turn myself into a shield for the dragger. Strategy was barely needed though, it seems.

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    Originally Posted by _Kine_
    Just one scout and vamps didnt hunt him down ?
    he had a bit of a problem after a few mins but for the most part they were focused on the body
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