Thread: My feedbacks and suggestions o/

My feedbacks and suggestions o/

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    Suggestion on game mechanisms and details, please tell me what you think fellaz

    Hello hello !

    First thanks SquareEnix for that cool game ! I hope you'll keep up the good stuffs and make that game go further and far because it's hella fun and favors cool strats, sick shooting and brutal moves. o/

    So if I can express a couple first suggestions, about game mechanics and ajustments, those would be :

    HUD enemy position indicator :

    I played shootmania quite a lot, and as it is in nosgoth when not playing with friends on mic, 'strategy' gets sometimes chaotic or just WTFBBQWHATEVAH. And in Nosgoth as in shootmania spotting and strategy is a key. So I though it would be nice and sooo useful to have an indicator that you can put on everyone's view to point some place. In shootmania, when you press Ctrl key, you put a team color cross projected on the environment where you aim at and that everyone in your team can see and which emits a sound when put.
    So if you can't communicate directly with mic and rather than typing, you can use it to 'tell' teamates human's position if you are the first to spot them or who you will attack, and humans can indicate roofs edges and spots where they saw an enemy, or which health totems they are going to, etc.

    Video Example of the shootmania system I made for you :

    The system could also find solutions in the way Bf3 systems works, and like someone evocated the idea in another tread, but a single button could allow many options. In Bf3 you know, when you press E (default?) while aiming at an enemy, he shouts there's one to the surroundings, or at a medic teamate that you need to be healed, etc. There could be a button or two allowing that, and for example aiming at a disguised deciever in your team would warn the others and bust his presence.

    I also think that there could be bonuses for cooperation. For example, if an human player marks a roof edge saying that there's a vampire on top, and then a scout throws an ability like the arrow barrage dealing good damage to the enemy spotted and marked, then there could be some 'coop' or 'brother in arms' +XXxp or smth Of course that would require conditions, like being only available for main spell attack or splas damage attacks, but not for auto attack, also maybe that it must deal a minimum value or percentage of the enemy's life and be even mor erewarding for a kill.

    A third exectution mechanism

    I thought that execution could be done in three ways, the actual ones, which consists in executing the corpse on kill spot or dragging it on the floor, but I think that it could be a nice element of gameplay to be able to throw the corpse away in a direction or on top of a house or path to then escape, grab it and try to execute it away from enemy sight.

    An extra passive slot or tweaking slot:

    I think that for the evolution of the game, it could need also an evolution of the possibility tree, with maybe minor impacts but so that you can juggle the compositions a bit more, and have more various playstyles. For that, there could be a level at which you get a second passive slot, where you can actually put another, from a different list, and giving minor bonuses, and thus allowing to tweak your class a bit more. Making it only available to money spenders or some premium status would make it a dirty f'ing pay-to-win and murder the game of course. That could be a buyable thing though, a bit more expensive with normal gold than with muneh, like a special belt. A belt being for example an item you can buy and equip, and that can give you a slot to put a bonus (more ammos, better health regen for vampires, more explosive range for Alch nades, etc, etc.)

    Reverse charge of hold-down spells :

    I believe that some abilities would necessitate a tweak to make them worth, a tweak that would not cancel their 'loading' (for humans and also vampires) as soon as the held button is released.

    About the jump attack of the Reaver for example, I think that the loading bar of the crosshair should go reverse when the button is released but at a great speed, like below a second before it cancels the loading done until then. I mean that it would be possible not to lose the whole charge for just releasing it for a bit and then holding it down back again. That would allow to adjust your position with a moving target for a bit for example. EX : human moving down a building, Reaver on top, loading the jump-attack, human passes below edge of building and not in line to throw the ability, the Reaver can release its button for a bit, move and take the charge back by holding down again but after having lost some of the previous loaded bar because of the greater speed.

    Different suggestion for FOV and camera position, and for Scout :

    It follows my previous one for the scout, as he also uses a charging skill for the full bent bow shot. Because of the horrible FOV that you have when you are fully aimed, it should at least be possible for him to NOT release his bow string instantly and maybe aim down his bow without canceling the skill and move very slowly to adjust position or more importantly have a larger FOV for an instant and spotting a bit on the sides. Of course, losing also the charge of its ability such as the reaver does. That could also be a special weapon, too having the ability to be held, and thus focusing your usage of the Scout differently, with tiny sniping shots rather that only big ones but doing a bit less damage. For example one more time.

    For the camera, the scout and other classes have skills which put them in a very uncomfortable position. When you do the big shot with the Scout bow, your view is so close you can't see crap. That would be nice for example to have the body of the Scout transparent or something like that, or less of the body blocking the view.

    Integration of a Ladder and rank display

    The game needs that, there is no debate about it, Period. Many games lack of that feature, and also needs to use it for such things as matchmaking and gameplay evolution as I mentioned earlier. Ladder will also be a constant feature for people to improve, also as teams, since I saw on ESL wire that there was already a Nosgoth ESL section. Nothing complex though, just a ranking with points and steps etc.


    So tell me, wacha think ?
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