Thread: Show me ur successful formation and instructions

Show me ur successful formation and instructions

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    Show me ur successful formation and instructions me.

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    4-3-3 (the one mith AMR nad AML)

    This really works, but you need to find the correct players

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    Formation and tactics for beating big teams with smaller clubs, listen up:

    Formation - 4-5-1
    Tactics - Counter
    Passing - Mixed
    Tackling - Balanced
    Tempo - Fast
    Attacking - Mixed
    Pressing - Medium
    Long Shots - Often
    Set Pieces - Cross
    Crossing - Byline

    This has helped me beat Arsenal 3-1, and draw 3-3 with Atlético, with Wigan Athletic.

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    And a heads up on players, Sandro RamĂ*rez (Barca, ST) and Will Hughes (Derby, CM) are both young and fit perfectly into this system, Hughes as one of the two central (not defensive) midfielders, and RamĂ*rez up front as the lone striker.

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    Yeah, Sandro is amazing. Time ago I bought two attackers, so I sold him to Betis. One season later he was third best scorer in Liga BBVA after Luis SuĂĄrez and Karim Benzema with 45 goals!

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    I've noticed that players score less goals for you than they do for other clubs -- have you experienced this too? Last season, I bought Obbi Oulare from Watford in January (great player -- highly recommend him), after he'd scored twenty goals from Aug to Jan. I played him regularly 'til the end of the season and yet he only scored ten for me. Weird.

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    Just to prove my point on the tactics, I just beat Man City 1-0 using this system. It actually bloody well works.

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    I think this is just because of special team tactics. I have experienced both options, one player was wonderkid, but when I buy him, he cannot pass the ball. But then I've sold very good player (they offer me so much money) and after this, I've never seen he score 10 goals in season

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    Players might not perform good if you have just signed them if there is logic behind it(under the hood), some logics like need time gel, not used to your formation, not used to your style of play, these are just logics that could be in the game and could be the reason, take Torres for example amazing at Liverpool Chelsea pay 50mil for him and didn't know where the goals were lol, all in all its realism.