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Thread: The Official Welcome Thread!

The Official Welcome Thread!

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    Hello all, I've been around the forum for quite a while now, some of you may have seen me posting on the odd thread, but I'm going to properly introduce myself now.

    My name is Ben and I'm from the UK. Champ Man 16 is the second CM game I've played, after 15. Both are excellent, and 16's new features (mainly job offers) mean that it is my all-time favourite football management game, as well as my favourite mobile game.

    I have loved football for most of my life, and whilst I don't play as regularly as I used to, I still love the sport. My favourite team is my local team, Wigan Athletic. I have a season ticket at the DW and they are the team I am currently managing in CM16. This is my one and only career so far in 16 (I like to take things slow), and six years in we're currently trying to qualify for Europe. There are only six games left of the current campaign and we're currently fourth. City and Arsenal have already qualified for the Champions League, and United are almost over the line as well. But then there are five teams battling for that last place, and due to the competition being so tight, one (maybe two) of: us; Newcastle; L'pool; Chelsea or Spurs will miss out on European football altogether. So guys, wish me luck!

    My greatest Champ Man achievement would be when we surprisingly won the Championship play-offs in my third year as manager of Wigan. It took almost ninety points, a 78th minute equaliser and a penalty shootout to get to the final, but the hard work paid off massively. Other notable achievements would be when we won League One in my first season, finishing with 113 points in a mad season that saw FOUR teams surpass the 100-point mark (the others being Millwall, Sheffield Utd and Bradford, if you're wondering), or coming from behind to beat Premier League behemoths Everton and Liverpool in our first season in the Premier League.

    My ultimate goal is to take Wigan Athletic from League One to the Champions League final. Once that happens, I have no idea what I'll do with my career.

    My device is an iPhone 4S.
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    No point saying welcome as you've been here ages , good luck in your quest at wigan, i have won the champions league once and that was in 15 with man united, not quite gone a big club yet i love starting out at a smaller club , keep us posted with your career if you can, would be interesting.

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    Will do, if the career sub-forum comes to fruition I'll definitely post a story about my career (when it's done of course, still another fourteen years to go!).

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    Hi all I am Amy and I am a new community manager at Square Enix, I will be working alongside Toby on Champ Man! I thought I'd better introduce myself as I've just updated you all with the release window update and you might be wondering who this new face was.

    At the moment you'll probably find that it's me replying to your messages on Facebook and tweets!

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    Welcome to the forum

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    So, i'm new here, and i really like CM16. I played first season with tottenham, finished 4th in the league and won FA cup. Now when i started second season the problem is transfer budget, which is litteraly very low, only 7.5M euros. At first season it was around 20M euros. I don't understand why is that, and because i brought many expirienced players at the first season i have serious problem now. Hope for reply and sorry for my English. Thanks!
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