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Champ Man 15 FAQ

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    Question Champ Man 15 FAQ

    What is Champ Man?
    Champ Man is a free smartphone and tablet release from the makers of Championship Manager and is available on iOS and Android devices now!

    Updated periodically with new data from the real world of football and designed in classic Championship Manager style, Champ Man gives you the opportunity to manage any one of 400 real clubs from 23 leagues across the world in a realistic season-by-season football management challenge that reflects all the emotions, tension and glory of being a real football manager.

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    Where can I get the latest Championship Manager game?
    Champ Man 15 is the latest Championship Manager game to be released and is currently available on iOS and Android devices:

    You can find older Championship Manager games, such as CM 2007, 2008 and 2010 on the Square Enix Store.

    When will the game be updated with the most recent seasonal data?
    The game is generally updated a few weeks to a month after the transfer window closes. Click here for the most recent information about the next update!

    How do I change my team?
    You can change your team via the 'Manager' Menu. Use the red 'Resign' button in the bottom right corner

    When does the game end?
    Champ Man 15 currently ends after 12 consecutive seasons played with the same club. You can, however, start over with a new (or the same) team and continue playing with your previous Manager rating, your CM and Board funds as well as your staff upgrades. Additionally, you are able to retain your facility upgrades if you start over the same team.

    Why does my career end after 12 seasons?
    12 seasons is the current limit due to technical reasons.
    Each update to Champ Man undergoes thorough testing before it is released - this includes playing each team for a set amount of time (12 seasons in this case) across a variety of devices and on both OS platforms (iOS and Android). As we have not tested the game beyond 12 seasons for each team, we are unable to guarantee that there are no bugs that would be detrimental to gameplay beyond this point.

    Opening the game up beyond 12 seasons would either mean longer wait times between updates (such as the transfer window update) or the potential for unresolvable bugs ruining a playthrough after a set amount of time.

    We are currently looking into options for creating open-ended gameplay (i.e. no 12 season cap), but cannot guarantee that any changes will be made

    Game features

    Does Champ Man feature international teams?
    Champ Man 15 does not currently feature international teams, but we're aware that people would like to see them!

    What kind of things are you looking to add?
    While we cannot guarantee that we will be able to implement any features into the game, we are indeed looking into the possibility of adding them in future. We are currently aware that gamers would love to see a number of features in the game - for more information on this, please see the Features Request thread!

    Are there free codes?
    The only way to obtain codes that grant you Board Funds or a Coaching Badge is directly from us. You cannot buy these codes elsewhere. We may occasionally give out free codes during promotional periods or competitions.

    Please note that codes are only available on Android. As all billing matters are handled directly by Apple, it is not possible to implement a code feature on iOS. Sorry!

    Is there a manual?
    The Square Enix Blog has a set of posts that can help get you started in Champ Man 15, but do also have a look around the forums or ask a question here!
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