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SENTINEL - Abduct/Kidnap

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    SENTINEL - Abduct/Kidnap

    I'm not sure if it's intended but if a sentinel dies while adbucting or kidnapping a human, the human will often take no fall damage, which is kinda silly, since my thoughts are always, well i'm going to die may aswell get as much height as possible to try and kill them, but nope. No damage was given that day.

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    This is tricky. The way it's always worked to my knowledge is that humans take a base fall damage (which has varied a few times due to adjustments), the sentinel skills seem to either add damage on top of it, or it modify the multiplier when he drops them. You can drop them near the ground and they take far more damage than a fall from a similar height. If the sentinel dies then the skill cant add the additional damage at the end. BUT, if they take zero damage at all it's definitely a bug.
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    Originally Posted by cmstache
    I'll have to keep trying to reproduce it, however its seldom seen as abduct doesn't last too long and damage threshold makes you drop them early for kidnap.

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