Thread: Catching/Breeding Chocobos

Catching/Breeding Chocobos

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    I'm having a bit of problems catching chocobos,
    because they eat the greens when I throw it at them,
    no matter how cheap or expensive the greens are,
    making it nigh impossible for me to catch one,
    thus making it almost impossible for me to progress in the game,
    since I can't exactly take on the Midgar Zolom yet. -_-

    And by cheap or expensive,
    I mean everything from Gysahl to Mimett greens.

    Ps. The first green I tried was Tantal greens,
    which is supposed to keep the chocobo occupied for 3 turns!

    Edit: A mere reset of the game fixed the problem.

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    I had the exact same issue but resetting the game indeed solved the problem. Everyone should try with just one krakka green first before dropping more gil into the greens, just in case.

    When will the problems for this game end? PSX-version did not have ANY of these issues, not that i remember anyway.

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    When i catch a chocobo it looks normal on the field, but when i go to the stables its black and it works as a normal chocobo. Also when i breed them and it comes out as a normal chocobo it still comes out black.... Is there anyway to fix it in settings or something?

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    I spent over an hour tonight attempting to breed blue and green chocobos in a useful gender combination. I got a blue male chocobo easily enough, then I proceeded to breed uncounted numbers of green and blue male chocobos. I've yet to breed anything BUT a male chocobo. I'm curious if anyone else is having this problem and if I gave up too "quickly" after an hour.

    I'm playing the new PC release. Aside from occasional cloud synching issues I haven't had an gameplay issues until now. Thoughts anyone?

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    keep trying, i got my male/female green/blue on the 2nd try. Just reset and keep trying.

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    The RNG is heavily manipulable.

    I looked around the web after being unsuccesful for about forty attempt at getting either a green or blue and reseting over and over. I found that going into a battle and using greens (krahka in my case) changed the odds for breeding chocobos. I did just that and got a mountain choco after going into a random battle outside the farm.

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    The easiest way to change the RNG for chocobo breeding after saving right outside the ranch is to enter and exit the ranch and then enter again. If you don't get the desired result, exit and enter the ranch more times or a different number of times. This is much quicker than getting into a battle or visiting other towns and then returning to the ranch.

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    For anyone else having this problem, this is what I did. After getting my black and wonderful to S-Class, I spent hours trying for a gold to no end. I tried feeding it in increments prior to breeding (changed the result, but still no gold), I tried leaving, entering the ranch prior (changed result, still no gold). Eventually, the game had me doubting that I HAD a wonderful. Maybe I got a so-so (impossible from the stats, I doubt a so-so would make it to S-Class!), still, I got ANOTHER wonderful and raced THAT to S-Class. Same. Effing. Thing. No gold. Finally, after probably a total of 4 hours trying to breed S-Class chocobos, I got my gold. How? By switching my talking order! No kidding. Every time I tried to breed, I'd talk to a wonderful first, simply because they were always the most convenient. When I got my gold, I had accidently run to the black and talked to it first, and voila. Got two golds in a row by talking to black first. How bout that.

    Hope this helps!