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Thread: FPS DROP FIX! Add -onethread to Launch Options

FPS DROP FIX! Add -onethread to Launch Options

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    Question Fps issues, anyone can help?

    Hey guys,
    i dont know alot about computers, so i thought maybe someone here could help me with my problem,

    If I play nosgoth i play it on 12 fps, the graphics dont really make a difference on high graphics its 10 fps.

    I have recently bought my gaming laptop, which is pretty good:

    -Intel core i5-4310m Cpu @2,70 GHz
    -8192mb ram
    -Nvidia Geforce Gtx 850m
    -Intel Hd graphics 4600

    I know nosgoth is a game that requires a load of work space, but i dont know anyone who has to play it on 12 fps...

    Thank you very much for any help in advance!

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    Your gaming laptop can only shine on dx11 games. Nosgoth is not a dx11 game.

    You can try to use -onethread as launch option and see if ti helps a bit
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    Thanks for your help first of all, i still play on 12 fps but it seems to run a little bit smoother now, but maybe thats just placebo.

    So the problem is that windows eight has dx11 and nosgoth is dx9 right? Would any of the launch options -dxlevel <level> help?

    and lastly, butonly if you have the time and it doesnt bother you, could u tell me what -onethread does? i couldnt find it in the commonly used steam commands or anywhere else.

    Thanks again you are really helping me out understand
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    Unhappy FPS trouble

    These are my laptop specs:
    Win 7 64bit
    4 gigs RAM
    Nvidia GeForce GT 630M 1GB
    Intel i3 2350M @2.3GHz

    And i can't play on lowest possible graphics.. At first i couldn't even join a game, but then i realized the game doesn't recognize my gpu, so i fixed that. Now i can play but my max fps is 20, and that's when there's no one around me, and as soon as someone comes close, my fps drops drastically and it's very hard to play, i get horrible spikes. I know my laptop is old, but that much that i can't even play?

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    Originally Posted by Exiled998
    screw graphics and pretty pony and rainbows, higher FPS for precision slaughter and massacre.
    I have both. Alot of the computers in here are crap. AMD 5670? i5/i3 mobile cpu's? be real.

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    Originally Posted by Comfarol
    I have both. Alot of the computers in here are crap. AMD 5670? i5/i3 mobile cpu's? be real.
    +1 "gaming" laptops make me sadface. You can build an equally powerful desktop for ~1/2 the price :|

    Originally Posted by FireWorks911
    Your gaming laptop can only shine on dx11 games. Nosgoth is not a dx11 game.

    You can try to use -onethread as launch option and see if ti helps a bit
    It sounds more like his computer is using its integrated graphics. It'd prolly be worth taking a peek at his Nvidia optimus settings.

    His GPU is about as powerful as a 3 year mid range desktop gpu. He should be able to run the game fine even if he's not about to destroy any benchmarks.
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    Question BCMPSystemSettings.ini resets when game started

    Hi, just downloaded Nosgoth and have been having performance issues. I am attempting to manually edit BCMPSystemSettings.ini, but when I restart the game after it syncs the file is reset to defaults. Is there a way to avoid this?

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    Hey, i also experience severe performance issues,even though i'm playing on the lowest settings possible. fps drops to 3 or lower (can't even get into settings when dropping like hell), the -onethread + config "solution" didn't work for me, my fps are between 10-30 for the most time and drop infight to nothing. Shouldn't be a problem of my system
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    i've never played a game, restricting me nearly as much, so far..
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    Originally Posted by HoleyRoller
    Hi, just downloaded Nosgoth and have been having performance issues. I am attempting to manually edit BCMPSystemSettings.ini, but when I restart the game after it syncs the file is reset to defaults. Is there a way to avoid this?
    Yes. Remove all .ini files from: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Nosgoth\BCMPGame\Config [it will be recreated with settings from custom system files] and disable all of these unnecessary things in configuration files located in: ..Steam\SteamApps\common\nosgoth\Engine\Config\, ..Steam\SteamApps\common\nosgoth\BCMPGame\Config\ if config in user documents folder wouldn't get updated properly (this happened countless times before), change in game options and restart the game. Don't forget to save all edited .inis as read-only. Gameplay features are always more important than graphical nonsense, and I'd rather pay someone for cracking that annoying settings or unlocked console to change them if developers couldn't or don't want to fix/optimize that. I have enough of this *auto-censored* restarts, because of not working updates with edited options. And *autocensored* that steam service, it shouldn't sync anything when this option is disabled. :P

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    Longer I play withnout dead less FPS I get.

    After some games I discovered why I don't have always same FPS. It look like that on beggining of a match I have around 40-45 FPS and if I don't die soon my FPS is getting worse and after few minutes I am playing with 20-25 FPS. After death I have again same FPS as at start of the match.

    Do someone else have same issue?

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    FPS Hitching

    Just played the game today for about 2 hours and noticed this happening rather frequently. About 1-2 times per match (once per round) my fps would hitch down to 1 frame for about 3 seconds. The hitching didn't seem to happen during a specific event. Others in my match were complaining about lag but after talking to them it turned out that they were having the same problem and simply calling it lag.

    This is the first time I have experienced this since buying into the beta during the steam sale and it was NOT happening yesterday.

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    Was it only in 1 match? I recommend posting your system specs. If the devs do see this, it would help them to know what kind of hardware you're running. If other people are having a similar issue they might be able to narrow down the cause.

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    There always was, be, and always would be fps drops on servers. Once it was on EU. Then... Well in tutorial I get 24 fps (as human - wtf?) and 30 fps (when vampire). Gotta go matchmaking and = 20 fps when you're not even moving and from 1 (2 second drop) - 15 (when no one is attacking) fps in game. Result? 11/10.
    Do something with that kind of hell.

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    Here's another possible performance fix [for Windows 7 x64 and x32 desktop users with multi-core CPU only] - change or completly disable core parking feature. If you don't know how to do this or don't have time for that, download free un-parking utility from: Restore default power management profiles settings if this doesn't work for you - I didn't checked that for Nosgoth yet, because I don't have any reason to install this game again before they'll patch it.

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    Hmm. I found this fix curious, It didn't fix my FPS issue, but it did seem to smooth it out a little bit giving it a less jerky feeling.
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    Still having FPS drops while climbing walls and moving sometimes. And my AA isn't working~ Or it just doesn't look like it's working to me. No matter what setting I set it to, I notice no deifference.

    PC Specs:

    GPU: GIGABYTE GTX 750TI Black Edition 2GB
    CPU: Intel Core i7 4770K @ 3.5Ghz
    RAM: Kingston 8GB 1600Mhz

    Rest isn't important, but can be found on my battlelog.

    Edit: I reinstalled the latest driver (I uninstalled it and installed the previous one like a week ago, because I read it was causing problems with BF4) and turned off V-Sync, everything's running better now. The least FPS I'm getting is 72-80, and max 86-100. Quite happy now that I got rid of the random frame drops. And I hope someone finds this helpful.
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    Low FPS in Game

    I recently invited my friend to play this game, but he has a lot of trouble maintaining stable FPS. I can run this game very smoothly, and his PC rig is actually better than mine in every aspect so it is strange. It is constantly bad fps pretty much, but worse when in combat or climbing walls.

    120gb SSD
    3.8GHz CPU
    12GB ram
    NVIDIA GeFOrce GTX 660Ti

    So we tried the -onethread suggestion and the fps improved. Now he is getting 30fps at medium graphics which is playable but still not what it should be like with his setup. I have a lower end set up and run it on high with 30 - 40+ fps consistently.

    EDIT 2:
    He has finally improved his frames to (I believe) normal acceptable levels. He noticed that somehow his settings for his CPU had changed and it was only running off "1 processor." He also ran malwarebytes and removed 3 possibly malicious files. The game seems to work fine now.
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    Any tips for my FPS issues?

    So , I realy like this game and have no regrets spending some money to get straight into it. Even though my FPS is pretty low. Before i played Nosgoth i've played planetside 2 which is a massive multiplay game with thousands of people online on 1 map at the same time , the game used about 6 GB ram when running and i was able to get about 30 to 40 fps there , its not alot but for me its decent and playable. I don't have a game pc just a regular laptop , i got everything on lowest settings and in nosgoth i can only get 14 ingame FPS (ESC , options , video) Its not unplayable but for many classes yes , i basically can only use the alchi because of the AOE. I realy want to use some other characters as well , perhabs u guys have any tips ? Since im not wanting to spend 1000 euro for a game pc since this laptop is just 1 year old and runned smooth on the biggest FTP game so far. Thanks

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    I worry for anyone trying to play fps games on a laptop, not sure there is much you can do other than upgrade or hope that the game is further optimized. Even if you double your fps I would consider 30 fps unplayable if you actually hope to compete.

    On that note I have been wondering myself if it is likely for significant further optimization to occur. Compared to any other fps I play Nosgoth feels like it stutters, and mouse control is much less smooth. I stop noticing it to an extent if I am only playing Nosgoth and become accustomed. But switching from another game to Nosgoth usually feels yuck.

    If anyone had ways to improve performance other than setting graphics settings low I would also be interested to hear what they have done.

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    Hi, i am here cause i been having an issue that was pretty uncommon in the past, but now its making the game almost unplayable an frustrating, its bout random fps drops in-game, usually i get 40-60 fps in-game, but for some reason an at intervals around a minute or two, i start getting fps drops (Drops to 12-20) with audio glitches for about 10-12 seconds, its pretty annoying and practically shuts me down completely during that 10 seconds, the worst part is that its been increasing recently dunno why......I really need an answer to this cause is getting at the point that i cant play anymore. I've reinstalled the game already and nothing solves it.
    PD: Sorry if my english is bad
    PLS help me solve this, i really like the game, but im really getting to frustrated to even play anymore

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    All caps best caps

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    Its kinda a bummer if there is no fix for it because i realy love the game tbh , and i guess 30fps for me is playable. It just suks that the only way if i realy wanna play it is winning the lotery and buy a game pc. So still if any1 knows a solution yes please

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    Poor performance and FPS in game.

    When I start the game I get terrible fps even in the menu, it stays at 10fps in the menu and if I am lucky it goes to 15 while playing the game and ALL my setting are set to low I even went into my Nvidia Control Panel and changed some stuff there aswell to try and increase my performance.

    My specs are:
    GPU: Geforce GT 740M
    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz
    Memory: 8 GB RAM
    Operating System: Windows 8

    Before you ask, yes I am playing on a laptop but this game should run easy on my baby as I have no problem playing the latest released games with it at above standard settings and I can't even play a match in this game on the lowest possible settings, unless the game isn't optimized for Laptops yet or Windows 8 if that is the case then please start working on a fix developers -.-

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    Hi theRBfool,

    I play on a laptop that has the same specs as yours (with the exception of having a different processor, but that shouldn't affect you) and I am able to play the game just fine. So in my experience I wouldn't say that the game isn't optimised for laptops or Windows 8.

    I really want to give some helpful advice, but it seems like you've got plenty of experience with running games on your laptop, so maybe you have already tried the following. However, this is what I did to make the game run on my laptop (just in case it helps you or others):

    Basically the laptops we got have both Intel Graphics and the dedicated GeForce chip. By default sometimes the laptop picks up the application with the Intel Graphics (causing it to be total crap of course). So what I did was:
    1) Opened NVIDIA Control Panel;
    2) Went to the "Program Settings" tab;
    3) Added Nosgoth.exe to the list of programs to customize;
    (sample path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\nosgoth\Binaries\Win32);
    4) Select the preferred graphics processor for this program as High-performance NVIDIA processor;
    5) In "Power Management Mode" I selected "Prefer Maximum Performance".

    I haven't played around with the NVIDIA settings too much, but that's what worked out for me. Judging by your post you might have already tried that, but I thought I'd still post it just in case it helps you or others experiencing this problem.

    Hope it works out for you.

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    -Konf- yeah what you suggested helped allot, but after 5 minutes my fps dropped like a rocket from space down to 10, it is annoying as hell.

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