Thread: Petition for Krile!

Petition for Krile!

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    Petition for Krile!

    So without a explanation, Square Enix has decided to say they will not bring Krile overseas.

    Lets try to make them change their mind and make a signed thread in hopes that we may get Krile for the EU / NA version of Curtain Call.


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    Signed. Krile was my favorite character in V and it's disappointing Japan wants to hog her.

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    never heard of, i guess i should play ff5 again sometime but i support all adds.

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    Definitely signed! Not only is Krile one of my favorite characters, it just doesn't make any SENSE why she's the only piece of DLC we haven't gotten. An explanation as to WHY S-E isn't bringing her over would even be nice.

    It just personally turns me off from playing the game to know we haven't gotten her for seemingly no reason. I haven't bought any DLC for the game as a result of this, but I'd buy Krile and tons of songs in a heartbeat if S-E would change their minds on the subject.

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    It wouldn't hurt to bring all the playable characters from V in the game...and a few more characters in each installment rather than 2nd versions.

    If they ever bring more characters, which is still a possibility, then I'd want:

    FFVI - Setzer
    FFVII - Cid
    FFVIII - Everyone
    FFIX - Steiner, Freya
    FFX - Kimahri
    FFXII - Basch
    FFXIII - Sazh, Fang