Thread: Hey guys, i love this game!

Hey guys, i love this game!

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    Thumbs Up Hey guys, i love this game!

    Always wanted this game but never had a 3ds but bought one secondhand on the market few days ago and just got theatrythm 2 days and i am addicted. As a videogame music composer with perfect pitch and timing this is just a dream for me, especially since it was nobuo uematsu that fueled me to become a videogame music composer in the first place.

    So far 9/10 is a perfect chain for me and i also had one perfect crit once, almost twice but missed a single note

    The ai battles are still quite challenging with the negative stat stuff, the ones where the arrows are spinning and the hidden notes are the worst to me, i have no problem hitting the perfect or bad ones.

    Anyway massive thumbs up for square enix for making this game, i will play this till i die
    (current team is zidane, aeris, tifa, seifer. )
    (edit- current team now is Eiko, zidane, laguna, aeris)

    I hope yuffie is in cause id replace zidane with her, probably isnt in tho ;-;
    freaking love eiko, one of my alltime favorite FF characters. Shes like a little unicorn rofl. (dw im not a brony)
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