Thread: Refresh Boosters Again Please

Refresh Boosters Again Please

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    Refresh Boosters Again Please

    I saved my refreshed booster for when the game went open beta thinking I would get as much out of it as possible, but instead I was treated to like 2 games a day. Since then game count has just been fluxing up and down, but for the most part I've had less games than when the game was in closed beta.

    It was kind of you to refresh the boosters in the first place, but it almost feels like it was some elaborate ruse or something. Can you please refresh the boosters again, since anyone who's activated it has just had it go to waste.

    Thank You.

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    I pretty much did the same, but now since Open Beta I have a bug where I can rarely play public matches at all.
    And if I'm able to play public matches then either only one per day, or only matches in a mmr range, where there are as little players in as possible.

    Everytime I try to join game from the lobby, I get kicked out with an error message. But if the game is already running or the countdown just started, I can play this game.

    This is frustrating a lot since I can't stay in a lobby for more than 1 match and mostly I can only play in a party, since I can follow them after I got kicked out.. but only if noone else takes my place in the team during that time (which happens a lot).

    The support had no solution for me since all the account-linking possibilities didn't change anything. So for now I can just wait until they contact me again and tell me they fixed it. But my booster is running and running and running ^^

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    3/4 of the month booster wasted on very few games with average wait times of hours.

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    +1, the booster I activated on release of Summoner was completely wasted.

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    Gods of Nosgoth, please grant my Booster renewed vigor.

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