Thread: Need more diverse Reaver and Tyrant skins

Need more diverse Reaver and Tyrant skins

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    Need more diverse Reaver and Tyrant skins

    They all look too samey except the evolved ones.

    I want to spend money but the game's not giving me a reason

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    I agree, although Tyrant is all right. At least his flesh color can change to black or blue. Whenever I see Reavers, I only recognize 3 types of skin: Evolved (green), Founder's (gold), and Other (blue). Sure, I'll notice if it's not the default skin, but it may as well be if it barely looks any different.

    However if devs were to follow up with this suggestion, it would need a poll to justify the effort of brand new designs. They must consider the feelings of anyone who already purchased those skins. They would have to decide whether to replace old ones or just add new ones. Probably the nicest way to handle that is to add instead of replace, and allow existing owners to make a one-time trade, if not grant it to them for free.

    On an unrelated note, for which I don't feel a need to start a new thread, I think the Deceiver Flayer's Harness is underwhelming. The portrait render in the store looks very striking, showing a nice contrast between the pale flesh and crimson blood. But then you see it in 3D, and it's not so pale or crimson, just looks brownish. I totally wanted it until I clicked the preview. I'd love to see more exposed musculature and brighter colors. The mask would look great in ivory instead of iron (the portrait makes it look white!). Maybe even keep the flayed skin still attached, stretched out into decorative forms. Okay I'm elaborating too much on a side note now, I'll stop!