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Booster bug

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    I'm not the only one, whew. Quite the glitch. I'm weirdly happier that it's not just me. If our boosters are burning away for nothing, do we get reimbursed the time?

    (click image to enlarge)

    (booster equipped on left, no boost on right. Yes, I tried equipping the black square and playing a match. Yes, I tried equipping the black square and then cancelling out. Yes, I tried equipping the black square and then logging out.)

    You're not the only one. This appears to be a sizable bug that needs to be squashed.
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    Ok, I understand this is a big problem - I've escalated this issue

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    I have the founders booster, and it is not working. I have applied it on the bottom left, and it has the overlay "select booster" still. I am still getting x1 xp and gold. Any answers?

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    Originally Posted by Xenonetix
    Ok, I understand this is a big problem - I've escalated this issue
    Thanks, any news ?

    No answer from the support.

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    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for the detail in your replies here, it's really useful. We are looking into this, please bear with us.
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    My booster is fixed! It randomly moved to the right side and I was able to activate it. Weird bug... hope everyone else's gets fixed soon!
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    I am having the same issue :/

    (click image to enlarge)
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    Unhappy 30-Day MAJOR Booster don't work.

    I have some troubles with my bonus 30-Day MAJOR Booster. I have set it near my profile avatar, but it don't give me bonus. When I end the match there is always multiplier 1x. My friend have the same Veteran Pack and set this booster in the same way and he get this bonus for each match. When I play with someone who have Immortal Founder's 30 Day Booster (+100% XP & Gold, +50% Shared) I get the multiplier 1,5x. So I think there is problem with my boost :/
    I have write at sunday the same massage to support
    and here:!portal/1001

    They don't respond me.
    If someone know how to fix this I will be glad if you help me

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    Still happening over here:

    I really hope that this isn't wasting away our boosters!

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    Sure thing it wastes away your boosters for now. Youre likely to get some kind of reimbursment though, if you deal with the costumer support. The forum is not the best place for this.

    Try the live chat support as you will at least get an immediate response and they will come back to you via email at some point, usually in a week. They know your account then, this is not the case for the forums.

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    Please fix this asap, or if someone finds a way to deal with the issue post it.

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    Unhappy Founder Booster bug

    I have from the warband packet the founder booster.
    but I can not equip it.
    there is always "select a booster " and it dont work if i take the blank square bottom left.
    i have all methodes test nothing work.
    And the support dont answer and many other people had thsi bug why dont fix them???
    a true waste of money ...

    here screen:

    And i cant use the live chat "Failed to connect to the server" ??
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    Founders XP Boost doesn't work

    Hey Chaps,

    At the end of games, you get to see how much XP & cash you have earnt.
    On the bottom row it says: "Founders boost x1"

    Mine should say "x2"... Founder packs receive double XP/Cash. My friends are, but I'm not. I'll provide screenies when I go on later. The booster IS activated. I've tried deselecting it / reactivating it too.

    Anyone else having this problem?

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    Same issues

    I am having the same issue. I got an epic all booster from the Warlord pack and it has not been giving me more gold, not sure about xp. It equips in the slot but when I un equip it asks if i want to activate the "no booster". It does not ask to activate the epic. It also does not have a count down on it for its 30 day use. (my rechargeable states on my weapons also have not been draining.) It also has the select booster over it when its equipped, the "no booster" does not have this.
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    Exactly the same as above ^^^^
    I see they had this issue last year and was "on to it".... but, it seems they're still issues.

    FYI: I have no problem getting boosts from my friends...

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    I'm still having this problem and support has been unavailable.

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    I just wrote a bug report for this exact issue with my Major All Bost today. But if you guys want to use your Boost, then just equip No Boost. It worked for me fine. Will post a screen shot after Nosgoth updates and I play another match.

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    this bug sucks so hart ...

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    2 weeks after my support ticket, not an answer. Not even an automatic message like #WELCOME land of Nosgoth, we process your request quickly.

    This suks ².


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    Originally Posted by 3mocake
    2 weeks after my support ticket, not an answer. Not even an automatic message like #WELCOME land of Nosgoth, we process your request quickly.

    This suks ².

    I have the same... No answer from support. When I have contact support by live chat they said that I need to wait because they try to resolve this problem... There was a 1 Gb update that change UI but that update didn't fix any problem. My booster don't work. My friend can't login to the game... I know... This is BETA.

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    Hey guys,

    what does the chat support say to all this? If you manage them to actually understand you problem, they are usually of good help. At least you know your tickets hasnt gone lost.

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    (click image to enlarge)

    (click image to enlarge)
    I guess it isn't working at all, now.
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    I love that the forum told me to go to support and then support told me to go to the forum. Almost a week and still no fix on the booster.

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    I can confirm the same issue. It's been like this since I first registered and started playing yesterday.

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    We believe we have a good fix for this in right now. Will be coming to you in the next patch.

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