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Thread: February 14th - That Day.

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    February 14th - That Day.

    I understand that today is Valentines day.

    Thankfully, this has never impacted on my life but I hear that people like to send each other mushy, short poems of the Roses are Red variety.

    So, after virtually no research, I thought I'd offer a small selection of these verses gleaned from the interweb.


    • Roses are red,
      Voilets are blue,
      Someone like you,
      Belongs in a zoo.

    • Dont be mad,
      Dont be blue,
      Frankenstein was ugly too.

    • Roses are red,
      Voilets are blue,
      God made me pretty,
      But wat happened to you?

    • Roses are red,
      Voilets are blue,
      Most poems rhyme,
      But this one doesn't!!!

    • Roses are red,
      Voilets are blue,
      A kippers a fish,
      That smells like you.
      Let's not despair,
      Let's live in hope,
      That one day you,
      Will discover soap.

    • Roses are red,
      Voilets are blue,
      l love chocolate,
      More than you!!

    • Roses are red,
      Voilets are blue,
      I love myself dearly,
      And like you a bit, too.

    • Roses are red,
      Voilets are blue,
      I'm schizophrenic,
      And so am I.

    • Roses are red,
      Violets are purple,
      Sugar is sweet,
      And so's maple syruple.

    • Roses are red,
      Voilets are blue,
      My feet stink,
      And remind me of YOU!!!

    • Roses are red,
      Violets are red,
      Everything's red,
      Retinal haemorrhage!

    • Roses are red,
      Voilets are blue,
      They'll Need Dental Records,
      To Identify You.

    • The roses are wilting,
      The violets are dead,
      The sugar bowl's empty,
      And so is your head.

    • Roses are Red,
      Violets are Blue,
      Garbage is dumped,
      And so are you.

    • Roses are red,
      Voilets are blue,
      I have short term memory loss...
      Roses are red . . .

    • Roses are #C91D1D,
      Violets are #6411D5,
      ...or would you prefer those in RGB?

    • Roses are orange,
      Violets are green,
      This is the best weed,
      I've ever seen.

    • Roses are der,
      Violets are lube,
      I'm delexic
      How about yuo?

    • Roses are black,
      Violets are grey,
      Did I mention I was colour blind?

    • Roses are red, violets are blue...that's because of the way they reflect certain wavelengths of light combined with how our eyes work and our brains interpret what they see.
      Sugar is sweet due to its chemical makeup and the interaction with our tastebuds and messages sent to and interpreted by our brain.
      And so are you.
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    That is the best selection Valentines Day prose I have seen. Thanks for sharing.

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    lol, brilliant.
    Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye.

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    Awesome work, thanks!!!

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