Thread: How to land Reaver's Sweeping Kick?

How to land Reaver's Sweeping Kick?

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    How to land Reaver's Sweeping Kick?

    I always seem to be passing through players harmlessly.

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    You gotta start spinning from far away but not too far you know what am sayiiiin'?

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    Aim to the left, so your leg actually connects with the enemy's model. Start a wee further back to allow for the lunge. Also keep in mind you can cancel the Kick, if you feel you're going to miss, via rolling.

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    A brilliant player called Souljacker gave us a tip in-game. If your target is close to you aim at the floor and you'll hit them.
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    Try as I might it's just too difficult to land in a hectic battle.

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    Whether you are used to it or not it is incredibly wonky to use and it is a real shame because it is in all other regards a great ability. Aiming at the floor and/or to the left should not be necessary to execute a basic melee attack. A melee ability should simply require you be next to someone and click on them. I really hope this gets improved at some point but I won't hold my breath.

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    I got problems with aim too...I can pounce enemy from great distance more easier than hit with sweeping.

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    Today, I missed an alch standing still at a healing station ...

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    you've to learn the forward momentum you have when you use it, the angle at which the kick travels (watching someone kick in front of you makes it easier to visualize, as you can see for yourself), and learn how to successfully manipulate the engagement as to make your kick impossible to dodge. it just has it's own learning curve, but once you learn it, will be the most successful time investment you could make as to primary abilities for reaver.