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Thread: FFXIV: 14-Day Free Trial

FFXIV: 14-Day Free Trial

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    Customer support should be able to shed some light on this matter.

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    No code recived for FF XIV 14 day trial.

    I do not recive the code, simply put.
    Email checks out as right, Region is right everything is right but no mail is recived.

    This happen every time i try.

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    Question Using FFXIV PS4 disc version after digital free trial

    Hi all,

    I've been using the PS4 FFXIV trial version for the last few days (which I'm loving by the way!) and as such have just purchased the disc version. When I first booted the trial version it downloaded the initial patch, which took a very long time due to intermittent ISP issues.

    I'm wondering if any of you have experience switching from the digital trial version to a disc version, and if it will need to re-download the patch files when I first boot it? I'm hoping, as the patch has already been downloaded and installed from the trial client, that it won't need to.

    Many thanks for any advice you can give!

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    Not to be rude or anything, but can someone actually answer a question for me instead of giving me a link to the faq, thats really not helping at all. I dont know what to do. Im trying to play the free trial on my ps4. I am able to login on Square enix, I cant log in on my ps4. Do we need a one-time pasword? Yes or no please.

    *edit: Sorry I figured it out.
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    Purchased Full game during Free trial and stuck on free trial issue

    Downloaded FF14 trail game. Bought full game and heavensward DLC after a few hours.

    Fired game up, added friend to be greeted with "This is not available in the free trial"

    I have turned it off and on etc, so i am stuck on the free trial after buying the full game, So i can't level past 20 or party up with my friends.

    any and all help is appreciated.

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    Christ. Made an account on "Mog Station" and in big, gigantic bold letters it says "Transfer to regular service". Then it says I need to wait 1 day before it can transfer me... "sigh". Well after hours of rage and this being my last resort I find the solution... Well here's hoping someone else finds this useful!

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    Free Trial Registration

    Hi SE,

    This forum seems relatively dead so I'm not holding out hope my query will be answered.

    I got the hankering to play some FFXIV today. I haven't played since 2013 so a few years. I install and go to log in using my account credentials but am met with a 'one time password' authentication request. After I bit of poking around it appears that you guys have deployed some better security for accounts -which is awesome- but I don't ever remember setting anything like this up on my account. I sure as heck don't have an 'emergency password' that apparently is given out when one sets up the software token app on a mobile device.

    I've contacted support asking if it's possible to unlink my account with the security token feature so I may log in and re-register it with the software token so I can actually install the app (with the registration password that is given out when you activate this feature) and use it so I can then log in and play. I've never contacted SE support so I'm not sure how this will be met.

    But in the mean time I decided to set up a free trial on a fresh account, however it seems that you guys are not sending out activation emails? I can create a new account via the Square Enix website for forums and shopping etc but when setting it up for the sole purpose of taking advantage of a free trial I don't get the authentication email. It's like you guys don't want people to play your game.

    Have things gone belly up? Is FFXIV on the verge of being shutdown? Everything seems incredibly difficult just to play.

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    Yeah im not sure what they did either, when i logged in i had to re-setup my account all over again even though i already had one. And dont bother with the trial, no emails get sent to finish the registration, basically broken. And yes the forums are basically dead, easily noticed after looking around a bit.

    So if your a new player that wants to play? Not goona happen.

    Kinda wish they'd fix things already.

    Also i see forum mods on, but they never say anything from what ive noticed =/

    EDIT: Dont bother with the trial on the website, its outdated, dead and a waste of time. Just go for the one on steam.
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