Thread: Serah,Hope,Snow and Chaos thing...

Serah,Hope,Snow and Chaos thing...

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    If i recall good--
    Lightning turned herself crystal because she wanted to remember serah and she can survive this Chaos thing...

    We saw Yeul overhelmed by chaos and im sure every other character too but why HOPE is not overhelmed by Chaos?

    How can he remember to lightning and everything? this is really strange...

    The other thing is..

    Toriyama: About Serah, let’s just say that she went on journey to “save all” for now.

    Searh died before chaos is unleashed...

    so how can serah remember everything? and help to everybody?

    Serah told to lightning in the end of requiem of godess to "pls remember me"

    i think serah is dead...

    strange what toriyama doing...

    don't understand this all...


    Snow is dead?

    he was in the colosseum not in gran pulse..

    in the colosseum time is moving normal? i think...
    this game set few hundred year in the future...

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    You seem to be trying very hard to find holes in the plot when going on little information. Things can always be mistranslated and not quite what the person was really saying. I'm not saying this is what happened, but it is very likely a possibility.

    As for what Serah said, you left out a bit. She says, "Please remember me, and we'll see each other again." Lightning also expresses hope in seeing her again shortly after.

    Serah is Lightning's true driving force, so I think we'll see her again.

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    Actually, it seems to me that you're trying your best to misinterpret everything you can in order to make the other characters not come back in LR, but that's simply not the case gylgyo. First, the new cocoon (I can never remember how to spell it's name) is still in the sky, so it makes sense for Hope, Noel, Sazh, Fang, and Vanille to still be alive (even if Fang and Vanille are still trapped in crystal). Second, the whole reason why Caius released the chaos of Valhalla was to make sure that Yuel wouldn't have to die again, breaking the cycle of death and rebirth, so it's highly likely that she's alive, and since Serah was touched by the goddess in a way that was very similar to how Yeul was touched by the goddess, it's likely that Serah is alive as well, and the fact that she left a message, even if it was just a fragment of her consiousness floating in the chaos, means that there's still something left of her that lives on, and after a few hundred years, it's likely that Hope and Noel would have found a way to bring her back. Finally, the point that is the most obviously shows how you're wrong, time doesn't exist in the colosseum, and even when people die there, they're just brought back to life in order to fight again, so Snow is actually more likely to still be alive than any of the other characters in the game.

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    Well. I Understood this:

    Lightning freezes herself in Crystal so that she can remember Serah eternaly.

    There's no Gran Pulse AND Cocoon. There is Nova Partus AND Bhunivelze, the last is the one Hope creates at the end of XIII-2.

    Snow didn't die. He went to the Coliseum to become stronger so he can be with Serah. Serah, Yeul and Caius are presumably dead, as Noel killed Caius trespassing the Heart of Caius (the last remains of Etro) and as such destroyed the timeline asa we knew, merging Chaos with Pulse and creating Nova Partus. Noel, Hope and everyone else are presumably alive, as Chaos doesn't affects life forms, only time and reality itself. But can change the experiences of these life forms, as seen with time paradoxes, but in my opinion Etro could change, hence the fact that Alyssa is erased when the Paradoxes are solved. So, if Etro died and Chaos changed the world, these characters could be alive, but not the same.

    Lightning will awake hundreds of years beyond this event. So they probably dead by that time.

    Hope that this could shine a light (of hope? LOL) on you. XD

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    For future reference, please refer your discussion under the following topics already made regarding LR: FFXIII, that way the thread is not inflated with topics repeatedly discussing the same material.

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    That also goes for your other similar topic PLS Square Enix do not bring back old characters from XIII and give...

    Thank You.

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