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Game Issues Post Update

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    I'm just going to get straight into it. Firstly, and most noticeably, since the summoner was implemented (prior to her unveiling, so the second-to-last update) there has been a serious issue with lagging/unresponsiveness/delay with the controls for both the human and vampire classes, there seems to be a delay between pressing a key on your keyboard and that action being initiated. There is also the issue of frames being dropped requiring a restart of the client, which I have a feeling this is an issue with the maps themselves as I have even experienced textures disappearing altogether and leaving white boxes/panels in their place, although I am not sure. These things are both post the second-to-last update, making the game slow, sluggish, and unresponsive to play. These issues have also been mentioned by many people, so it's not just me.

    Secondly, I have also noticed an audible issue where vampires are harder to hear and need to be in a closer proximity to be heard, although this may just be me.

    Thirdly, the new fish-eye/zoom out implementation for the Sentinel's Abduct and Kidnap abilities is pointlessly implemented, makes it (for the lack of a better term) nauseating, and harder to maneuver the Sentinel when trying to, and during, the Abduct or Kidnap. So please restore the execution of these abilities to how it used to be.

    Alongside this, although I'm sure you are aware of this, there is the issue of the new matchmaking system/matchmaking ranking, making it impossible for more experienced players or the players who started 3 or 4+ months ago to find a game.

    And lastly, ever since the latest update, the quality of gameplay corresponding to the amount of ping seems to have lowered, by this I mean where before the update 150ms ping felt like 150ms ping when playing, but post update 150ms ping feels more like 200 or 250ms ping, this just makes playing any server aside from the closest one to you/having anything but "green ping" quit unplayable, at the very least, much worse than it used to/should be.

    Please try to resolve these issues that I, and others, have been experiencing because they just hinder the progress of the game and make it less fun or even enticing to play. Also, it would be nice if all changes that are made in an update, are made aware to us instead of being kept hidden for us to undesirably find out about by ourselves.

    Thank you.

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    I want to second some of those issues. Though since the vanguard update, visual/audio effects is just peachy king in comparison to before. But now my avatar, whether human or vampire, tutorial or 4x4 match isn't responding. On the tutorials, my hunter doesn't respond to any command, my alchemist can only fire her primary weapon, and though my vampires can perform normally in every other way I cannot aim at all. I checked my mouse and computer, but its not from a connection issue with them. In gameplay, whatever my character is, it doesn't respond to the jump/climb command and I still cannot get the thing to just turn around. Its vey infuriating to say the least.

    I also found the vampires to be oddly silent until I was in the process of being killed, of which I'm pretty sure is not the intent behind them making noise. My team chat was oddly missing too.

    Not to mention the program frequently (every minute to a minute and a half) stopped responding, and it just as frequently had to sync with my account features (armory, profile, account).

    Thank you.

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