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Thread: PS4 Bug? DLC Gear Pack end of tomb area -- spoilerish

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    PS4 Bug? DLC Gear Pack end of tomb area -- spoilerish

    So was it intentional for all the shakey cam from the end as you climb the moving stone with crap falling on you to continue into the end of tomb rewards area? After completing the climb I was still getting the shakey cam horribleness from that end sequence. It also seemed to take a bit after returning to the overworld to "settle." Running past the combat challenge spire.

    This is on PS4

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    Hi there. First off, thanks for posting this here in the technical forum. I saw you moved it from the general to here, so much appreciated!

    There is some natural shakiness in the camera but from what you’re describing, it carried on longer than it should have. QA is aware and has looked into this issue but unfortunately could not reproduce it enough to find the root cause. My apologies that you’re experiencing this issue.

    Would you also mind filling in a trouble ticket with our support team? It’ll help us collect additional details to look for a solution.

    Thank you for your time!

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    I have submitted ticket 4630622 as requested. It hasn't happened everytime I've been through the tomb but it has happened more than once. It doesn't seem to be connected to anything I do in the game but it is an effect that happens similar to the bridge extending/closing de-sync thing described in another thread (though I've never experienced that issue.)

    I'm a bit sensitive to the whole "shakey-cam" camera technique that seems to be in everything. I couldn't finish the "reboot" Raider game because of it. It gets overused in cinema and I see it creeping more and more into the games I play as well. Fortunately it seems to be judiciously used in LCTOO.

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