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Thread: Tomb Of The Embalmer DLC Red Skulls missing 1 HELP!!!!

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    Tomb Of The Embalmer DLC Red Skulls missing 1 HELP!!!!

    I have searched all over and can only find 4/5 Red Skulls

    the Bone Saw one
    the one you need to jump on ball (seems impossible to jump to get)
    the one that is on the edge where the giant Aligator and spiders spawn
    the one at the end that needs a grapple.

    I even got the health upgrade on the other side of the bone saw. If anyone can help I'd very much appreciate it as there's no videos available except the one that is just a lets play, but I got those

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    The only one I didn't get on my first try through is the one where you need to jump from atop the time bomb. Just couldn't get that to work. However I can't tell you which one you missed which makes me wonder if I was at 3/5 knowing where 4/5 are.

    The only one that seemed hidden is the Bone Saw one but when I found the health upgrade I knew there would be one in that area.

    I seem to think the first is before the bone saw section. It was near one of the sections with lots of railings. You had to climb up to a platform or the like going towards the left top of the screen. It was near a time bomb puzzle or fight enemies section. I think you needed to climb a bomb to jump to a ledge and pull yourself up then go to the right on the platform. It is a detour from the route through.

    I don't know that that's helpful but I'm pretty sure it is before the first bone saw section.

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    Is it this spot?
    I remember I didn't go there cause I didn't think about using the timebombs.

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    Yes. I think that is it. I was thinking the area was a bit more floating platform but there is something up there worth fetching. You grab the cluster bomb launcher (very fun if not efficient weapon) and shut off all the fire vents and can move the bomb and climb up there.

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    I'll have to check tonight. I Checked the video a few secs ahead and it looks like it is there

    That was the missing skull
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