Thread: Please Square fixed XIII and XIII-2 before release LR

Please Square fixed XIII and XIII-2 before release LR

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    Please Square fixed XIII and XIII-2 before release LR

    In AMD is worst: fps 20-30 and batlles 10 fps or less.

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    They should really fix the the performance of the FFXIII games, but I doubt they're going to bother as we still haven't heard anything.

    I regret buying FFXIII as it runs terribly on my high-end PC. Do they really think LR will sell with such a negative buzz surrounding the performance of FFXIII and FFXIII-2?

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    It's a shame more people don't post here rather than the Steam forums, I'm sure if they did we'd have had some sort of response by now...

    The thread over there asking for a performance patch has had over 5000 responses now.

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    Square, I'm glad you fixed the ESC key and graphical settings, but seriously you need to fix the performance. I have a top end system and it runs like , and from what I've heard, 13-2 runs even worse. I'm not buying 13-2 until you prove to me that you actually care about customer satisfaction. I'm not paying for ff14arr until then either. Haven't played it for months, and that'll continue until you fix these games.

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    It would be nice if they'd at least let us know whether they're looking at the performance issues or not. I mean, just look at this steam thread filled with complaints about the performance of FFXIII PC:

    As Nightbug said, if only this forum was as active as that Steam thread, maybe we'd have heard something by now.