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An adjustment for Infect

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    An adjustment for Infect

    Howdy. I've been thinking for a while that Infect deceivers are a bit too powerful. A common tactic is to infect a human, and then slash away at that human until they're dead, the combined DPS of infect and melee meaning they almost always get the kill. I've seen deceivers (on my team, before you have a go at me for being a bad shot or something) do an infect attack straight through a fire wall and, even on fire, won the DPS race against the human (a prophet) shooting them in the face.

    This seems like a problem to me. My issue isn't that infect does too much damage, it's that an awful lot of people just play the deceiver as an in-your-face brawler. I feel that should be the tyrant's job, the deceiver playing as an brawler just seems wrong.

    So, suggestion, I'd keep Infect's damage the same, but how about the deceiver can't attack while infect's active? Or the deceiver takes damage from being close to an infected human? I'm not sure exactly what the solution is, but I think this tactic is both too powerful and means the class is played in an odd way. Like I say, my issue isn't primarily the damage Infect does, it's that the class is being played as a straight-up brawler when from the background I don't think they should be.

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    To be fair, playing vampire is playing brawler mostly. It's alright that deceiver has more DPS, you have to acknoledge that the human team has the ranged capability after all. If the deceiver came close without taking a single point of damage, it means that the humans already lost some ground by ineffective teamplay.

    So with that in mind it's alright that a Deceiver can out-DPS a human while being on fire. After all the opposite - The deceiver not even getting close-quarter combat range - Is also possible.

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    I see where you're coming from, but of all the vampires Deceiver feels least like he should be brawling thematically, and with his abilities he can often get closer to the human team before being spotted than the other vampires can. If a deceiver successfully gets close to a human team it's like he's got a guaranteed kill with infect/melee - against any other vampire the human's in trouble but it feels like you have a chance. I dunno, head-on melee damage nerfed but melee damage from behind increased (like a toned down always-on backstab)? Him standing in full view in front of you slashing away just seems wrong.

    May be worth pointing out that I often play alchemist and it seems my grenades don't explode if I shoot a disguised deceiver in the face, they only detonate on impact once he's revealed. It's a bit annoying, even if I see him coming in I often can't hurt him.

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