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Thread: Summoner Feedback

Summoner Feedback

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    I haven't been able to really put Shield to good use.

    If these Summoners you've met were successfully shielding their teammates in a way that really made the difference, I want to see the demo because they must be really pro.

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    I think the damages are all fine, but [in my experience playing against Summoner as human] Abyssal is a little too easy to avoid ... I would like to see the time before explosion reduced.

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    Summoner is fine and didn't break anything. Roof camping is still not a viable tactic against even half-decent humans, since Summoners will need to actually jump in and fight to score a kill. She's really no different than Reaver in this regard ... activate your AOEs and then jump in.
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    She could use more skills. Very lacking in abilities but what we have atm works quite well.

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    I would rather hell strike had a smaller attack area while dealing greater damage, more of a surgical hell strike. For the abyssal bolt I think it would be better buffed if made sticky, imagine another vamp class moving with this hanging on their back.

    I also agree that the ghouls need better orientation.

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    ye i agree, i figure they'll add a new one to replace shield first, suppose the deceiver had a similar release.

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    Played a few rounds. Died a few times before realizing all of her abilities are hold-and-release types like Pounce.


    Abyssal Bolt: Haven't quite mastered the arc but I like it just fine. Seems a tad too easy to avoid though. Both playing Summoner and against Summoner, it's too easy to dodge this thing. Less delay before the BOOM would be great.

    Hell Strike: Like Gen said, a damage buff would be nice. Smaller area, I could give or take.

    Summon Stalker/Slayer: I like them. The Stalkers add a little extra chaos (what fresh hell a coordinated Stalker Summoner and Illusions Deceiver could bring) and damage and the Slayer functions reasonably well as a sort of extra team member. I tend to go in and help out the ghouls if the enemy's health isn't too high. Everyone's already mentioned the goofy pathfinding and how they apparently lose track of anyone a stair step above them so I needn't reiterate...Though I just did.

    Barrier: Okay, so I had trouble with this one. I can't effectively operate the movement keys while holding F (physical issues) so I had to do some creative button-mapping on my gaming mouse. It solved the problem but...This ability is still pretty useless.

    You get a shield. Great, defense! Except it only defends the front, and it slows you down, and you can't attack while it's up. So, you can't attack and the speed penalty renders it worthless as escape cover (and even if it didn't, you'd have to back away to escape because it only shields your front). So what is that defense good for? A few extra seconds of life during which you can't do anything.

    I'd either make the barrier all-around to provide fuller defense or else give it some ability befitting a spectral wizard. Maybe damage absorbed by the shield is returned in part (not too big a part, mind) to the attacker. (And either way, that'd be a nice sidegrade option later with a fitting tradeoff)

    Given her clan's ties to the spectral plane, perhaps also a small teleport when other options for the shield's ability slot come around.

    The abilities all look amazing. Her running animation seems oddly stiff, that bugs me a bit. And I know Melchiah's the boss but she could suck up less. But all in all, great new class. Summons have wonky pathfinding and such but the rest works nicely for a first official run.

    (After more time with Abyssal Barrier, it's proving more useful...But I'd still prefer a shield that covers your back too. Even using the shield as it's meant to be used, get blasted from multiple sides and you're screwed.)
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    I agree, no nerfs plz. If anything Abyssal may need a slight buff to make it easier to land.

    Shield could also last a second longer, imo.

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    Originally Posted by Cristari
    She could use more skills. Very lacking in abilities

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    It REALLY didn't break it.
    I just finished playing a straight 12 hours of Nosgoth, playing purely summoner on my vamp times. And nobody did this, the only time we camped was when it was a 2 v 4 game and so both me and him did it to survive. Otherwise, not a single game i was in this entire whole 12 hours did anyone do that.

    SECONDLY, yes hell fire can do UPTO 400 but thats not even a guaruntee. Also, like stated, unless you jump in you'll mostly be racking up damage and assists as opposed to kills from what I've noticed.
    On top of that, the summoner hell fire is occasionally bugged where it will not deal damage at all to those in the circle.
    I also had several matches as humans going against 2-3 Summoners on the enemy team and doing just fine against them.

    So honestly, I think your complaint about them being broken isn't that accurate. If anything it adds a new element to keep humans on the move as well instead of hole-ing up since we can now send in minions to push them out of buildings or otherwise too.

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    Originally Posted by OK_Oktagon
    ...having no chance of escaping since the only indication of the ability being used is visual.
    There's a clear visual cue. You said it.

    That you don't take that cue as a sign to get away is YOUR fault, not the programmers'.

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    I've never had a problem facing any summoners today. I think it makes it actually easier for the humans since she's rather squishy without the Blood Vitality perk. She's easier to 1v1 than any other vampire anyways.

    The summoner is the easiest class to play against in my opinion. Tired of them roof camping? Break out the scout and just snipe them, the summoner is very squishy and a scout destroys her.
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    I think summoner dont need any fix... only need to fix the hellfire bug on some places that dont work... Summoner is an extremely easy target for alchemist... And not so powerfull.. Is melee is terrible and she definetively needs that amout of damage... Like tirants doing 500+ damage on jump atack... You can only escape jump atack by visual prediction or sound effect... And summoner is the same thing... To summoner release the hellfire it have to be visible and before the imediate impact theres a visual reference to let you escape. The global amout of damage taken by almost summoners are low compared to other classes... This thread dont have much fundament

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    Patch day feedback

    I knew it was going to be bad, but I wasn't quite expecting gameplay to be quite so dismal on patch day.

    Obviously 95% of Vampire players are rolling as Summoner which is less than ideal, but it's new and shiny so I'm not complaining about that. However, the Summoner seems to really have widened the gap between the haves and the have nots (in terms of skill and competence).

    The Summoner really requires humans to tighten up their strategy and positioning, particularly when used en masse. Stick together too tightly and prepare to get nuked; separate at all and enjoy being swarmed by hordes (the key is spreading out without separating). That said, the Summoner has been actively encouraging bad habits as vampires. Ability spam from the rooftops seems to be the order of the day, with little to no thought of actual entering melee combat. God help the one vampire who tries to lead the charge only to have her allies sit back and watch her demise.

    With so many players attempting to learn the Summoner even otherwise good players are performing initially like low skill players. This makes it near impossible for the MMR system to do its job. Quitters are therefore rampant, not that I really blame them at this time.

    Luckily this should abate over time as players learn how to play as or against the Summoner and tire of using their shiny new toy exclusively. I am optimistic that the Summoner will be a positive addition to the game with time, and I quite like some of the other changes. The reworked Piercing Pistols in particular are really neat and provide an actual alternative to the Heavy Pistols (plus I've had a mysterious pair sitting around from before the patch).

    My one specific complaint would be that Abyssal Bolt looks to be decidedly inferior to Hell Strike. I haven't yet unlocked it for my own use but the Summoners utilizing Hell Strike on me were significantly more deadly than those with Abyssal Bolt.

    Perhaps for the Shield Bearer's release temporary class limits could be utilized. For one week after release, players would alternate matches with use of the Shield Bearer locked and unlocked. This should allow for some semblance of normal gameplay and prevent entire teams from being clueless as to how to play their class. Quitting while Shield Bearer is locked would NOT unlock him for the next match; quitting while the Shield Bearer was unlocked WOULD lock him for the next match.

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    ITT: "I played a match where everyone was a Summoner and spammed hellfire at me. GAME IS BROKEN!"

    Sometimes teams play all of the same class. Sometimes they then spam easy attacks. It's your job to adapt and force them to change their tactics.

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    Every New Class the same Topics, everytime.

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    Oktagon is a great player from a great team and he probably talk because he has a lot of experience in the game, so I don't think comments like the last 2 are useful and I generally read with interest comments from these players.

    That said, I don't want to judge the summoner because I just played 10 matches yesterday and I think that we have to learn how to counter it and how to play against it but, to be honest, yesterday I found the game drastically changed..thts is my feeling. I am not saying that this is necessarily bad, but a ranged vampire like this changes everything. I didn't enjoy playing the game yesterday like I enjoy it usually, I hope this happened just because of the summoner spam and because I am not used to play against it, but I've found the game less tactical from the human side, more casually and with an incredible mess in the battlefield.

    This is just my opinion.
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    I know Octagon from Ingame too, there are some Players that you see more often dont you think.
    Of course it did Change like, -> Hey i can shoot awsome.

    Im also sure there will be some nerve, incoming someday.
    But i totally NOT agree with that it Breaks the Game, the Game changed and we have to see how all turns out when the Shieldbearer is in & this is tested long enough.

    Give it a chance to Grow.

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    Originally Posted by Sasha_Vykos
    but I've found the game less tactical from the human side, more casually and with an incredible mess in the battlefield.
    My feelings exactly. The word I want to use is "cluster". But most of my games had 2-3 summoners in them, with one it wasn't too bad.

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    After playing a bit more I think Hellfire needs a better/earlier audio cue, but apart from that the class is well balanced.

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    Summoner changed and refresh game, and I think this is very good. Before update Standart game look like 2 scouts and 2 sentinels, especially if play hi-lvl players. It was totally predicteble and boring, but now - old standards didn't work, all we need new tactics and new vision of game - this is awesome. Yes, first few days would be strange and maybe stupid, whith all this Summoner-spam, just because players watching new class, but later - we all see new stage of nosgoth tactics. When we find how play Summoner, with she and against she. I really don't see nothing bad in this.

    P.S. And Summoner second vampire class, who I loved in nosgoth:-)
    Sorry for my English.

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    Originally Posted by Ysanoire
    My feelings exactly. The word I want to use is "cluster". But most of my games had 2-3 summoners in them, with one it wasn't too bad.
    This is agreed, i also had a against 4 Summoners Match on flashpoint.
    It feels like Meeting the "Pet Shop Boys", spam XD
    But with a Prohet and a Scout we tuned the Tide.

    Anyway it´s basically the 4 Players same Class thing in all matches it does not matter if it´s reaver´s or Summoner´s and so on.
    Can be annoying ,But i also would not remove it.
    Everyone should have the freedom to Play what he want´s to.

    BTW The New Shadowstep is so much more better in anyway ! I love it.

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    Summoner execution has no voice over or sound effects?

    Right the summoner lines are great and all but I found it kinda strange that after executions she says nothing unlike the other vampire classes. Heck all she does is grunts I would not mind it if the sound effects of extracting their blood magically was awesome but the strange thing is the execution HAS no sound effects. With the other vampires you at least hear the sound of breaking bones, impalement and the sound of a throat being slit.

    Then you get an epic line from the vampire. (Deciever has the best lines in my opinion)

    Yet all the summoner does is grunts? Is the sound effects/voice over still being developed or is this it? If that's the case I am just going to say her execution is plain bad and something needs to be done with it if you can't get voice work at least make it sound awesome.

    Considering how epic her other one looked I was thinking about buying it until this issue came up now I won't buy it at all. Which I am kinda sad about.

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    She could say something like "Flow into me!" And if a blood shower move gets added later on "I bathe in your blood!"
    "If events are matched closely enough to course, they have a way of restructuring themselves to familiar outcomes." ~ Scorpius, Farscape

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    Can someone also confirm if Blood Rain has a longer animation than Essanguinate?
    I cant be sure but it feels longer.

    This game was broken when they stopped team balancing and party splitting.
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