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Sentinel flight tweaks

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    Sentinel flight tweaks

    I have noticed that the sentinel's flight is VERY forgiving when it comes to running into walls or getting momentarily stuck in corners. I just recently had a game where I was in one of the buildings with only one door, a sentinel came into the doorway flying, was able to pick me up, hit/bounce off the back and side walls, get completely turned around, fly back out of the doorway, and then drop me for damage! Mind you all of this was done while the game still recognized this sentinel as flying.

    On top of that experience I have had sentinels get stuck in corners while carrying me or another team mate and then somehow still wiggle out to then drop you thereafter.

    This doesn't feel right at all. Why, in a game that has a mechanic where you have to fall off an elevated surface in order to start flying (without an ability), would there not also be a mechanic which makes you land if your motion stops in a corner or on a wall?

    Trying to pick someone up as a sentinel should not be swooping down bouncing off walls hoping you end up grabbing somebody. It should be a planned attack of figuring out your approach and escape.

    If you are against a team with 2,3, or even 4 sentinels a smart counter should be hiding in buildings where they shouldn't be able to get to you as easily, right? Not if they can just fly in with no worries that they can't easily get out! Of course a lot of people agree that an easy counter is to just have scouts with knockdown bows, but there should be multiple ways to counter something.

    Adding a mechanic like this to the game would be very easy, roughly the same thing is already in place for the tyrants charge. His ability is canceled when he comes in contact (close to perpendicular, not sure on the actual numbers) with a wall or object. The same could be for the sentinel, if it hits a wall close to perpendicular while flying it would be forced to stop and climb. So, if this would happen in a building on a wall that can't be climbed the sentinel would be forced to land.

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    Originally Posted by ElJefe59
    If you are against a team with 2,3, or even 4 sentinels a smart counter should be hiding in buildings where they shouldn't be able to get to you as easily, right?
    Not really. It is a smart way to get easily killed by airstrike spam though even if the fly through wasn't possible. It is a ranged vs melee game, the idea of standing inside with almost no lines of sight and giving away the strength of the human team is just bad. If you want to counter sentinels learn to bola them.

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    Even though it's nonsensical, if you stopped flight when a Sentinel bumped into a wall, noone would be able to play them. By my estimate, about a third of all fights occur in heavy obstacles, including indoors. Imagine a team has a Sentinel.. so people just camp inside constantly. Sentinel can't do anything now except hide and wait for Aerial Bomb to come off CD (it's like 15s) and then fly down to the door (where he might be 2 shot to death) and hope he gets a good lob in for SOME damage. The entire rest of the game he's waiting to hopefully pick off a straggler that attempts to hit a supply station for healing.

    This change would make them entirely unplayable.

    Instead, I want to give you some advice for dealing with Sentinels. Blind them, use the Prophet's blue stuff (dunno the name), bola them... problem solved. If they fly indoors, they need to grab someone and find an exit SUPER quickly or risk dying near-instantly. If your team was firing and missing him, it was their fault - not the fault of the flight mechanism.

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    You're right. There should be multiple ways to counter Sentinels.

    *camera pans slowly across a shelf of arrows, bolas, stun knives, and light bombs accompanied by a sitcom laugh track*

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