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FFX-2 HD remake download

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    FFX-2 HD remake download

    Hi. This is my first post. I would be grateful if someone could help me. I bought FFX/FFX-2 HD remaster from PSN but it only seemed to download FFX. I understand the physical copy comes with a redemption code but I have nothing like this. Does anyone know how I can get FFX-2?

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    Did you not get an email for your purchase of the game I would have thought it would be in an email

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    I only got a confirmation e-mail. I can't even find anywhere to enter a code anyway

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    You have to go to the psn store and click on redeem codes depends what console uve downloaded it too

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    I'll try and get it on ps4 now for vita. I don't have a code though

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    Nope. Can't find it on ps4

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    I just googled it check your downloads list in the psn store

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    I will try that. Thanks

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    Nope. There was only an order number