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Thread: Sound Issues

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    Sound Issues

    About half the dialog is extremely quiet, almost inaudible. Sometimes though it sounds fine. Has anyone else experienced this? I have an on-board realtek hd audio device and windows 8.1.

    Edit: this should probably be in the Episode 1 forum.

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    Have you informed customer support about this issue?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimoire View Post
    Have you informed customer support about this issue?
    I hadn't, but I submitted an email report just now.

    It seems to be correlated with Maxine's inner dialog muting the other characters' dialog. Sometimes, when Maxine's inner dialog ends, the other characters' dialog will restore to full volume, but other times it will not.

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    I see. Could you please post what customer support has to say about this here in this thread for future reference?

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    I received this reply:

    We are very sorry to hear that you have been experiencing issues with Life Is Strange.

    Our development team has been made aware of these issues and have been working on a fix.

    We would like you to try lowering all the graphics details and turning off MSAA and see if this helps.

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    Can't Run The Game!


    My name is Harry and i recently purchased Life Is Strange episode one, to try it out. I looked at the system requirements to make sure I could run the game. I thought 'Yes!' I can run this game, so I bought it.

    After running the file, the video is fine, however the sound plays once then repeats its self. So overlapping and making a dreadful horrible nose.

    I then double checked the system requirements and I still can't see whats wrong!

    The system requirements are:

    And my specs are:

    Thank you in advance,


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    Sorry, I forgot to add, my gpu (Graphics Card) is an ATI: Radeon HD 5400 Series 1791 mb.

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    Have you informed customer support about this issue?

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    Hi, Yes.

    I contacted them, and they said to update my sound drivers. So I did but i still have the problem!

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    We have found by lowering some of the video options in settings, it fixes the audio stutter for some users. Let us know if that works

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    Sound Crackling (UE Engine Problem)

    First I'll start by saying that Life Is Strange is not the only game that gives me this problem.

    The Problem is limited to a very small list of games, all using the Unreal Engine (but only certain versions of it).

    According to Wikipedia:

    Mass Effect: UE3 v3240
    Bioshock Infinite: UE3 (doesn't say which version)
    Life Is Strange: UE3 (doesn't say which version)

    These games all give me problems.

    Meanwhile, games like these don't give me problems:

    Mass Effect 2: UE3 v3857
    Hawken: U3 v10681~12033
    Borderlands 2: U3 v8623

    These games do not have this issue.

    All three of my computers with different sound systems are having the issue: My Razer Banshee USB Headset (which uses its own sound processor), on-board sound processors on two different motherboards (two of the computers have identical motherboards) all with updated drivers all experience the problem.


    After about 30-45 minutes of play, sometimes upwards of 60 minutes if I get real lucky, the sound plays just fine. Absolutely nothing wrong. However, when the problem starts, I'll start to hear a faint edge crackle that is barely audible. It will get progressively worse, until the crackling is so bad that I start to feel nauseous and voices are impossible to understand as they sound like they are coming over handheld radio.

    Restarting the game fixes the problem, so that leads me to assume that something like corruption in the RAM is probably the problem.

    Life Is Strange is not the only game that does this, so this leads me to believe that this is a problem with some versions of the UE3 engine, though I can't tell which versions (since I can't find info on what version of UE3 LiS and BS:I use) cause the problem and which do not.

    I know it is not a Wwise problem; I've several other games that use Wwise that do not have the problem unless it is a certain version of Wwise that causes it.

    I've done hours of Googling, have found a few other users speaking of the same problem, but nobody offers any solution beyond Bioshock Infinite Forums suggesting users try Vista Compatibility Mode (which does not fix the problem for me) or Mass Effect 1 suggesting .ini fixes (which do not work either).

    Hopefully future episodes will use a newer version of UE3 or something so that we can fix this problem.

    My Hardware:

    GPU: GeForce GTX 660
    CPU: AMD FX 6300 6x 3.5Ghz
    Mobo: ASUS M5A97
    Headphones: Razer Banshee (I've tried unplugging them and plugging in ordinary 3.5mm audio)

    EDIT: Oh, it was moved... lol sorry, didn't notice that.
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