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Kingdom Hearts 3 - Halloween Town

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    Kingdom Hearts 3 - Halloween Town

    Halloween Town is the name of the world that is based on The Nightmare Before Christmas. With it being in three games in a row - (Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 2) I'm getting tired of Jack and Oogie Boogie. If there was to be a Halloween Town in Kingdom Hearts 3, I'd like it to be based on a Disney movie with the same name, with the Cromwell family - Aggie, Gwen, Marnie, Dylan and Sophie.

    Not sure how this Halloween Town would fit into Kingdom Hearts' universe, but hey, maybe Sora and co. can save it from the Heartless and gains some kind of big reward from the powerful Cromwell witch, Aggie. And maybe Marnie or Aggie can join Sora's party, Aggie would join it for a bit of fun. lol

    What do you guys think? Remember, I'm not really serious or hopeful about this idea, I just want to see a different Halloween-theme world. I imagine this Halloween Town would get the Port Royal treatment if Square Enix considers this.

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    I liked the original Halloween town but think it would be too much to have it come back again.