Thread: Good ping but out of sync, teleporting all over.

Good ping but out of sync, teleporting all over.

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    Unhappy Good ping but out of sync, teleporting all over.

    Great game, enjoying it a lot but getting frustrated by some kind of packet loss issue. I'm teleporting all over the place in multiplayer which makes it impossible to play with any sort of precision. Game displays a low ping. No one else in the match is reporting any issues.

    Checked my connection, ping is fine (did a tracert) without packet loss outside of the game.

    Anyone else have this issue?

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    It's a known issue that's been reported before ... I don't experience it myself but I've seen this occur numerous times. It would be nice if ping and PL could be displayed separately on the scoreboard even if only to help identify this bug.

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    Ahh damn, so there's nothing I can try? Open a port on my router or something? Has this happened in other unreal games?

    Almost feels like i'm out of sync with the server...

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    I was under the impression that the problem was intermittent ... users I've seen complaining about it were not always affected. If your issue is consistent then it may be something different from what I was referring to. Other Unreal Engine games I've played did not have connectivity issues, so you may want to file a bug report.

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    Experiencing the same issue. This was my first time playing and all 4 rounds I was teleporting all over while everyone else said they weren't having issues. Game displays low ping while everyone else's was much higher.

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    Personally when I get rubberbanding I also tend to have elevated pings, however as recently as yesterday I played with a mate who had a sub 50 ping and was rubberbanding everywhere - I don't believe he had experienced this before. So you definitely aren't alone.

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    Yes, I've experienced this. Seems to be particular servers with me. Regardless of my ping throughout the match, I may experience rubberbanding or will see others doing it. I see it much more often with people over 200 ping, but sometimes it's people sub 100.

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