Thread: Why the hell is my game German?

Why the hell is my game German?

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    Why the hell is my game German?


    I bought Nosgoth a long time ago and so far it was always English but recently it changed the language to German. I have no idea why it switched to ger, my steam is English and every other game I own is English too. German is a pretty crappy language and I want me game to be English again.

    With every other game in steam I can just change the language in the settings but the language tab is missing for Nosgoth.

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    We added a localised option for the game, at the moment you can't set it through the menu, but you'll be able to adjust it in Steam. Here's some detail:

    • Right-click on Nosgoth in your Steam Library
    • Go to Properties
    • Click on Set Launch Options
    • Enter this line:
    • -language=int
    • Hit OK
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