Thread: One day... (Will the series go on?)

One day... (Will the series go on?)

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    im sure who had played it wont forget it.
    i`ve played it first 10 years ago and after that played it 3 more times last one was around 4 years ago but still for me best rpg game with its story characters songs everything i wish they make a new one of chrono cross and im sure who played it also want a new one

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    i`ve read many pages on the net about who wants a new chrono cross and i saw many people want it i just wanted to show it here.. maybe square enix can understand that how we loved chrono cross...

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    i would have to agree with you, i am personally angry and irate, that SE didnt remake all their psx generation games properly! games like FF7-9, vagrant story, and chrono cross needed it badly, i dunno if you have tried, but playing a psx game on a ps3 on a hdtv, doesnt look so HOT! the smothing ends up bluring a lot of what you see, and the psx graphics are horrendous! i dont know why SE started releasing all their games as PSX originals, and stopped remaking em as the had started with FFT, FF1, FF2, FF4, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, Star Ocean 1 and 2, and the recent FF3 which pisses me off about it being a PSN dload only!

    the thing about chrono cross is that there is a TON of backstory that isnt told and a ton that is still left unexplained, the 49 joinable party members dont really have any point in being with you, only a few of em have back story and even then it is limited, it seems most of the back story is scentered around general viper and his commanders, along with the masamune being mixed in with their storyline. some of the characters i would have loved to get more back story on or have had thegame give them actual game time where you leanr more about them as a character, i have found that havign different characters in your party for certain scens doesnt really affect anything, they all say the exact same thing, just a little differently due to their personality and way of speaking!

    the game still holds up to being as beautiful now in the cg sequences as it was when it was first released, but the actual 3d models for the monsters and characters, really need to be given an HD upgrade, as well as the battle scenes! also i would have loved to have a way to keep track of the endings you find. and more info given on the worlds and how they work, and more back story period!

    i think SE should release a collection like they did with FF4 for the psp which includes Chrono Trigger, the revamped remake version of Chrono Chross, and the never locally released, Radical Dreamers visual novel. i would personally have loved to see a cg sequence for the concert that nikki and miki put on to wake the black dragon, and pull out the in game sequence that was used.

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    Honestly, before they even touch Chrono-Cross, then need to address Chrono-trigger. Chrono-trigger is by far the better of the two, and well, it's just darn right amazing! Maybe, the can do CT, something inbetween to join the story line, and tie things together better with CC

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    yeah u r totally right. i dont know they make many games and even some that people dont like but why not to remake or make a continue story about chrono cross that many people like , even in ps1 that game was great if we compare this game to other ps1 games cc is much better even better than many ps2 games,actually in the game everything wasnt finished or explained, i think they can make a good story, also kid said somewhere sometime we will meet again to serge, they can make a new journey that they meet again i dont know many things they can make, only thing im sure is if they make that game on ps3 with that great quailty display and already squar enix very good at making story and musics so its gonna be really great game... hope they will consider these one day but i hope before we get old to play

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    Chrono Cross 2 of course...

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    I have played both these games multiple times this year. I just don't understand why they refuse to make a new one. These are my favorite games of all time and their refusal to add on to this series is maddening. I definitely will not be buying any Final Fantasy games in my life.

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    I don't particularly care if they can't gather the origional team toget. Sometimes adding new people adds new perspectives and leads to great ideas. These are the only 2 games i can replay over and over again and not get tired of them (I've beat each too many times to count). I just wish there was a way to get SE to listen to what the fans want, and not what SE feels like doing.

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    I think they should do a mixture of the 2. I'm sure they could come up with a way to mix the magic and elemental powers and time/ dimensional travel. Once again, Schala would have to be very important to the story, possibly where the origional cast searches for her and she draws Serge to her as a way to reunite Serge and Kid. But, I'd take anything right now.

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    They are both great games and we need a new one. I'd prefer one more tied into CC, but I'd take one more tied into CT. Or combine the 2! Chrono isn't much older than Serge and they can use time and dimesional travel to like them together.

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    I have feeling there will be a Chrono Series along with other question that wasn't answered on CC.

    what happened to Magus after the DS verison of Chrono Trigger?

    where did the gang from Chrono Trigger go?

    will there be some Lucca's old threoys will be reviel,etc.?

    those questions need to be answered.

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    I'll pass on a remake of Cross, but I'll definitely support a new Radical Dreamers game....

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    I never played Chrono Cross, but Chrono Trigger was awesome. I discovered it a year ago and got the DS copy. Sadly, they haven't released many games for the 3DS or PC so I don't play many of the recent SE games. So basically Final Fantasy 5+ has never been played by me. But what I really have been hoping for is a release of Chrono Cross for the DS/3DS as a retail title (or even a digital download).

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    I still play cc on my psp from time to time. The game was great, despite Square's need to throw in as many random characters a barely have any connection to ct at all.

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    I still play the game to this day. Even though I love both games, I personally love Chrono Cross more due to its rich environments and characters. I know most of the characters don't have an impact to the plot but I personally didn't mind that. Recruiting more characters into my party is always fun with me, even in the SaGa franchise or Suikoden. I hope Square didn't forgot about this great franchise... I know it makes sense for them to focus on the series' that make the most money, but I can dream, oh ho~

    Besides, wouldn't mind seeing more Pierre~ : gets bricked :

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    I will always remember it as one of the best RPGs of all time.

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    I hope for another game too, just got CTDS and its awesome!! But its hard too..

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    A new story with new characters, but I also don't mind if it's a direct sequel to Cross or Trigger.

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    If they do a sequel to CT, I'd be much more interested in following the story of Janus/Magus.

    Personally, I think having an episode that could tie CT and CC together could give an interesting story. We know that Lucca raised orphans, one of which was Kid, but I can't remember what happened to the others. Janus was supposed to be Guile in Radical Dreamers, but CC never took advantage of that.

  20. Originally Posted by SquEnix Final Warrior
    For You the Fan and Follower, hardcore videogamer and Chrono Fan The next Chrono Game Should be:

    a) Chrono Trigger 2
    b) Chrono Cross 2
    c) A Diferent game from the others ... say 'Chrono X'? (Diferent story Final Fantasy style on Chrono Franchise?)

    What do you think?
    a) Chrono Trigger 2 all the way chrono cross was a wonderful game, but too many playable characters took so much out of the core game imo. would love to see CT2 or a brand new game welcomed into the series similiar to star ocean series.

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    I don't need a remake of Cross but I would like a new game in the series. Or they could port it to my Vita, that would be nice too.

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    I hope SE hasn't forgotten this game. I'd love a new one. I don't just want ports or remakes of my past favorite games. I want new ones damnit!

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    chrono cross is better on story and damn... that carribean theme is so breath taking with yatsonori's music....

    chrono trigger is better in character development

    but i doubt this would happen. I think square knows that this is one of their best series. Making another chrono game would be hopeless as I remember they said that getting back the chrono team(the makers, developers) is impossible.

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    The Chrono brand needs to be revived with a new game.

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    I'd LOVE it... LOVE IT. if they would re-make the original.
    NOT A SEQUEL. enhance the graphics keep the game type, Script, Story line.

    Same goes for Trigger.

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