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Thread: VERY GLITCHED- Last Revelation from Playstation Store

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    Exclamation VERY GLITCHED- Last Revelation from Playstation Store

    I wanted to report that I recently purchased Tomb Raider: Last Revelation (#4 in the series) from the Playstation store, to find this version is heavily glitched.

    I have played it on my PS3, uninstalled and re-installed it, and when that didn't work I downloaded on my PSP and tried it. The problems still persist.

    I will outline the issues that occurred in level 3, where they started occurring. This is the first level after the two training levels as young Lara. I used two written walkthroughs online and a video walkthrough to compare with. This is what I found:

    -Several pickups were absent. The first box of shotgun shells are not there (on the ledge to the left of the first scorpion pit). The pack of flares in the dark crevice to the left of the door that opens when you get the first half of the Eye Piece is also not there.

    -Secret #5's pickups (2 types of shotgun ammo) were completely absent, leaving an empty room.

    -Secret #3 is where I first noticed something really wrong. In the room with the rotating blades, the ledge you're supposed to hop down on and then into the doorway (after getting the flares) is replaced with another slope. The ledge that is supposed to be there is not there. I was able to get around this with some careful sliding and jumping, while losing a decent amount of health. Also on one run, I noticed an invisible ledge I could jump onto (and die on) below the doorway.

    -The pit in Secret #3 is supposed to have 2 scorpions. I saw 3 multiple times.

    -Also secret #3- Instead of the Uzis, I get another shotgun.

    -In the room where you have to hop from symbol to symbol to light the torches on the wall, I go downstairs to get more shotgun ammo. Instead I get yet another shotgun

    -Towards the end of the level there are supposed to be 3 scorpions before the guide gets scared and runs away. I didn't see any scorpions.

    I am unwilling to progress further either on PS3 or PSP at the moment due to the problems I'm experiencing, and I don't know how to "return" a product from the Playstation Store.

    I read in another thread someone is having the same problem of the ledge not being there (and I'm willing to bet every other problem I've listed here as well). If anyone has any information on how to fix it, or if you've experienced the same things, please let me know.

    I believe this to be a problem with the actual downloaded game and not either of my systems.

    If you have the Playstation Store version and have NOT experienced these problems, please post!

    I would LOVE a fix for this game.

    UPDATE: After searching around online, it seems I'm not the only one with this problem. It seems as if some sort of incomplete beta version of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation was uploaded to Playstation Network. Other problems relating to this level that I've read elsewhere and confirmed in my game:

    -Absence of cinematic camera angles (i.e. to show Lara the opening of a new passage)
    -Door in Angkor Wat is missing, allowing you to progress without pulling a lever
    -No spikes in the sphinx area of the third level (Tomb of Seth), leading to altered textures
    -The ladder is different when heading to secrets #4 & #5
    -The sound made when pushing/pulling objects is different than in other completed versions

    So while it doesn't seem like this version is "glitched" really, but that an incomplete/buggy/beta version was uploaded to PSN instead. I would love a fix for this.
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