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Thread: Tomb Raider 1 iOS deletes savegames!

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    Unhappy Tomb Raider 1 iOS deletes savegames!


    I'm writing here because I'm very frustrated that all my savegames are gone.

    Being a big fan of Tomb Raider in the 90s for the PC, I got the iPad game, and played for 20+ hours, reaching the Egypt levels.

    Yet, I sometimes got a glitch where some savegames were erased, maybe due to iOS killing the app, or in other cases, jest letting the first animation to complete, I don't know. The thing is, yesterday, all 3 savegames were wiped off, and I am frustrated as hell!

    What's even more amazing, is that this port is 1 year old, and still buggy as hell. I also got Tomb Raider 2 for the iOS, and it continues with the bad UI for save/load games. It's very hard to pick a savegame, not sure if it's also plagued with the eraser bug, but come on, put some effort into it!

    Does anyone have the same problem? Also, is it possible to copy savegames to the iOS app? Do the PC ones work?

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    Yup, I have the exact same problem except I'm playing on an Android device. I've found that backing up your save-game to your PC helps that way you can recover it if needed.

    Tomb Raider is not the first game where people have attempted to remaster and port a PS1 game to Mobile and it usually doesn't work out well. It worked out well when they ported it to the N-Gage as there was actually a semi-controller built into the phone, but unless you invest money for a bluetooth/wireless controller you aren't going to have that same experience.

    Also I beleive PC ones DO work however I'm not 100% sure, I'm sure it wouldn't kill your iPad if you moved a save in there to test it out. The worst thing that could happen is the game could crash.
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    I have had the same issue from time to time. An iPad isn't the most robust system to play on. I have found it helpful to save often and frequently restart the iPad. Kinda like the old days when TR I came out... You had to restart those old computers from time to time to avoid "crashes". I guess it doesn't work optimally on a mobile system. If all else fails and you are backing up to the iCloud, you can reload the iPad or iPhone from the backup and get something back. I had to do this...�� What a hassle, but it worked.

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