My Hitman Absolution crashes, after I break Sanchez' neck.
I have also tried to kill him in an alternative way, but with no luck. It crashes after I have entered the door, that you lockpicked.
The game crashes after he lands on the ground with his broken neck. I get to see him lying dead, but then the game freezes and he sound goes a bit further, but not for long. Then I hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete and the task manager tells me that my game has crashed.
But the neck-breaking part, is as far as I can get.
It usually crashes, just before he pulls off the Patriot's mask. Then I see him holding the mask, ready to pull it off and show his face.
I am running Windows 7 64-bit. I have tried to verify the integrity of the game cache, also in offline mode and the alternative way. I have also tried to run the game in compatibility mode (Windows 7). I have also reinstalled the game. I do think that I have everything which needs to be installed to play the game, or do I? Also tell me what is needed to play the game, please.
I have tried almost everything I know, also googling for help. Now I cannot possibly think of anything else to do.
Please help me!