Thread: All probs in one thread...

All probs in one thread...

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    All probs in one thread...

    Helo respected devs and community,
    I read trough first 5 pages of the forum and didn't find a thread where I could post all this at once, so I made a new one. (I apologize if I was wrong)

    So far I've been playing since closed alpha, I've seen people reporting the same issues, and with every update I hope for things to get better but some issues just get fixed in order to be messed up again with the next update. And yes, I am very aware this is still closed beta... soon to be open beta. Which means issues and bugs everywhere, but some are very persistent!

    First there is FPS issue and DC:
    My friend and I play only on EU servers... While some games work perfectly, in others we have problems with FPS to the point where it's not playable, or I get random DCs, or my pc freezes completely until I crash Nosgoth. And this usually doesn't happen to both of us at the same time.

    Party and matchmaking:
    We usually play in a pre-made party. In the lobby we are on the same team while everyone else gets mixed, but when the game starts we get split? Wondered if there is a reason behind this, but if other players were playing in a pre-made pt, they wouldn't get mixed in the lobby, right? Also we are not very pro players, but we still end up vs. a team of complete pros, which makes me wonder what are my statistics for.

    Also cheating...
    I am glad I didn't get more than a Veteran pack, when some matches are completely unplayable. I understand that pro players can hit what my eyes cannot even see, but a Scout in fact cannot see the tip of my bold head over the whole map, and behind the fence. Just saying. Then there is snapping, mostly on Hunters and Scouts. Once with Sentinel's Air Strike as well. Matches that end up 30/4 in less than 3 mins. I was recording and taking screenshots at first but then I just stopped 'cuz people use cheats on and off and I spend whole match running after them just to see if they are cheating or really really pro. Also hours spent on watching Noscam of mentioned matches, in which something might be wrong either with me or the seek-thingy.

    There are even more issues like, after leaving the lobby, we have to restart the game, because we cannot join a party, or we get kicked as soon as we enter the game, etc.

    I don't know if anyone still has these issues, if it's just us, or will anyone read this. We like the game and we would like to play it, but these issues can be exhausting to the point that we are not looking forward to new content anymore.

    Thanx for reading.
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    Hi Slade!

    There are enough Threads for this topics:

    FPS issues:
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