Thread: Any chance for a PS4 port?

Any chance for a PS4 port?

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    Any chance for a PS4 port?

    I'm wondering if this game will ever get ported to PS4.

    While I do have it on PS3 and achieved Platinum on it.
    I'm wondering if this will ever hit PS4.
    Despite some negativity people have towards it, for me it's one of my fav PS3 games.

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    Well this image was on the E3 2014
    Hopefully it'll come soon even though they are coming all 3 on the PC
    Would be nice to know some real Info about it
    Square pls let us know ! ;P

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    Keep an eye on this thread for further updates.

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    If they do release the entire collection for PS4 as a collector edition i'm probably buy it again even if i already own all the 3 game, Loved the story and the characters

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    Please release the Lightning Saga (FINAL FANTASY XIII, FINAL FANTASY XIII-2, LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII) for PS4. And have shared trophy lists with the PS3 versions. Please.
    Motomu Toriyama's biggest fan

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    Don't enable them why the hell would you want that no one ain't going to buy that, the FFXIII Trilogy was the worst selling FF games ever well FFXIII did all right because no one knew until we all got dissapointed and we got TWO sequels for a game FF fans don't like what moron does that oh yeah Motomu Toriyama dude can't write for probably one of the reasons JRPG's aren't that strong anymore thank god we got other SE teams like FFXIV and FF Type 0 and Kingdom Hearts, and devs like Atlus, and From Software and Sony deep throats Toriyama hard they try to hype up his games and put him next to people in charge of the Souls, and Persona series LOL Toriyama is a tool surprised he still is employed there don't enable them FFXIII Trilogy will be one of the worst remastered collections ever made.

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    The worst selling FF is IX, deal with it.
    FF XIII has sold like original FF X, FF XIII-2 has sold like original FF X-2, deal with it too.

    I loved entire Lightning's Saga and i surely want a PS4 collection.
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    I would LOOOVE a Lightning Trilogy PS4 Collection

    I did actually start a petition for this a while back if you guys want to sign:
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    "I can help you, if that's what you want."

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    Years go away and no news for a PS4 collection. Neither for Dissidia Arcade on PS4. I'm so sorry.
    I still hope for news on Lightning Saga Remastered after FF XII Remastered release.