View Poll Results: Which Class Should We Create The Bonus Skin For?

154. You may not vote on this poll
  • Hunter

    18 11.69%
  • Alchemist

    22 14.29%
  • Scout

    15 9.74%
  • Prophet

    33 21.43%
  • Reaver

    7 4.55%
  • Tyrant

    8 5.19%
  • Sentinel

    22 14.29%
  • Deceiver

    29 18.83%

Thread: Matchmaking Rewards – Vote For A Class Skin!

Matchmaking Rewards – Vote For A Class Skin!

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    Scout <3

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    Originally Posted by GenFeelGood
    I know it doesn't look good right now but I hope the scout wins, though I am surprised the hunter is losing so badly to the prophet.
    Yea :/

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    i voted hunter would be awesome

    *sorry I know it's not the place to ask this question...*

    BUT!! I bought a founders pack ages ago, does it get reset when open beta comes out or when it's full released? so we can rebuy most of the stuff that we didn't know about cause it was still early in the game and I bought things other than skins :P

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    vote sentinel

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    prophet needs some skin love...sounds dirty

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    cant vote, doesnt let me click on the names or anything, i just see the graph but doesnt let me vote

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    Alchemist it is....
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    Why cant we have all of them, *sobs*

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    Deceiver needs more love

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    Alchemist need something new

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    Nvm got it to work
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    If you are experiencing problems with being able to vote in the poll – it maybe because you do not have enough posts, please instead of creating multiple posts here, post into the 2 posts to unlock thread and thus not derailing this thread or double posting here.

    Once your post count has reached two you'll then need to sign out of your account so the settings apply (this can sometimes take up to an hour). You'll notice when you sign in again your tag under your name will change from Registered User to New Player, you should then have the ability to vote and send private messages.

    Please only use the 2 posts thread to get yourself to the relevant level and not to increase your post count generally.


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    Why can't I vote?

    Edit: I made some other posts (more than 2) that are ofc not spammy but still seem to be inable to vote.

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    So, how can i vote? I have'nt any button here ) But make 2 posts

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    Only the friend referral skins are re-colours of purchasable skins, the daily reward skins are re-colours of the default skins. So I presume, whatever class wins, the skin will be a recolour of the default appearance.

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    Posting first reply to get account able to vote!

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    Ok now second reply to get account able to vote, going to vote prophet as I really like all the aesthetics of the skin, tons of details to have changed!

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    I voted Hunter, but since the Prophet seems to be winning maybe we should start discussing which it should be based on. My favourite of the existing ones is Bloody Raiment. If the new skin is just a recolour, I'd pick that one.
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    Voted for our underdog

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    i can't vote : You may not vote on this poll

    but my choice is Deceiver

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    If it's the prophet and it is only a recoloring then I suggest using the cenobite skin; and turning her white robes black, then we can pretend to be The Woman In Black while we play.

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    Originally Posted by lucinvampire
    A sexy sexy Tyrant skin please
    heedi heedi Tyrants in Stockings^^

    Originally Posted by sophanos
    i can't vote : You may not vote on this poll

    but my choice is Deceiver
    a Rare guess would lead me to the head of this Topic which says you can not Vote with 2 post´s or less

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    Edit: A Kain skin for the Tyrant

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    Originally Posted by Lord_Aevum
    I have a vague recollection of that, but I am not sure of the context, so do you mind if I ask you to PM me the source? Either way, I can guarantee you the Oracle referenced in the Prophet blog is indeed supposed to be Moebius.
    Ohh! What do we have here?! A truely Lore Discussion?! I love those!

    Well, it's been a while since I last read LoK's lore, but, if I'm not wrong, we're a few centuries after the events in LoK: Defiance, which is when Kain kills Moebius (once again), and as a matter of fact, even Kain's Empire was built some centuries after that.
    The other situation in which Moebius is killed, was even before that, when Vorador's head is cutted in BO 1 (in another time-line, of course), and right now, I can't remember if Kain killed Moebius a third time or not, but however, Moebius, the original Oracle that "guides" Kain in BO 1, is dead... His next apparition will be, if I'm not wrong, 100 years in the future, when he appears in front of Raziel as some kind of ghostly "hologram" or something similar. Back again to Defiance, Moebius' soul is consumed by Raziel after he was killed by Kain, and thanks to that, Moebius can't be resurrected again by the Elder God anymore.

    So, I think that the Oracle can not be Moebius...

    If I'm wrong or forgetting something, please, correct me, as I said before, I haven't read the lore in a while

    Have a nice day! n.n

    PS.: Go for Sentinel, please!! We know all Sentinel's skins are awesome!
    As a second option, I would like to see another Deceiver's skin, but, however, I prefer to save that surprise-feeling and wait for that class Evolved Skin! n.n
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