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Thread: HELP Outfits what I have to activate them?

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    HELP Outfits what I have to activate them?

    I bought the game Gold Edition, I put my code "season pass" and code "deus ex" and downloaded patch. Then I got in my game and a little message appeared "go to comunity ware to get rewards" (all in spanish, I get spanish game), so where i have to go to get my outfits?

    Please help, I don't know what to do.

    He comprado la edición GOLD y tras meter los codigos y descargar los parches, al iniciar el juego me indica que vaya al baul de la comunidad a conseguir los premios. No tengo ni idea a que se refiere. ¿Como consigo mis apariencias de deus ex?
    En el inventario no sale para seleccionarlos, parece que tengo que activarlos con ese baul.

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    First of all, you need to be in the game itself. Not the title screen.

    When you're in the game you must press the button that brings you to the menu. Which has the map, inventory etc. In the inventory you see a picture of Lara's blue shirt. When you press it you should be able to change costume

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    Worth noting you have to finish the first level. When you get to the overworld you'll be taken to Osiris's Shrine where you'll find the Community Chest - open it to collect the DLC gear.

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