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Thread: St.Francis Folly & Obelisk of Khamoon Time Trials...Any tips?

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    St.Francis Folly & Obelisk of Khamoon Time Trials...Any tips?

    These are the last two time trials I need to complete. I'm struggling with them. Any tips?? I'm basically unlocked everything in the game (outfits, style units,etc.) and I just have a couple Art galleries (and cheats) to unlock and that's it. These levels are tough.

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    The "St. Francis" Time Trial is always a beast. The 2 biggest tips I can give you on that one is to memorize which holes to shoot out of the "heavenly body" up above the entrance to the level that has the rolling ball you need to unshackle. That'll shave off about 30 seconds at least if you don't have to make the rounds on the walls to see which holes to shoot. 2nd tip for "St. Francis" is clear the Egyptian time trials first so you can unlock the "Infinite health" cheat. It comes in very handy when jumping around the Folly's column. Other than that, learn the short cut jumps you can only accomplish with the "infinite health" cheat. There are several that'll save you loads of seconds of time.

    Other than that, same tips as always for all time trials: Roll, don't run (it's very slightly faster), and use the Golden Shotgun if you've already cleared the "Lost Island" trials.

    Obelisk is a matter of utilizing the infinite breath cheat (I personally keep it on for all levels) for the long swim out, and also utilizing the short cut in the "blade room": Traverse down, don't go up and around.
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    Best hint for St Frances Folly is know where the levers are in the tower so you are not wasting time going up and down the tower needlessly. St Frances folly has always been a hard TR level even in TR1 so don't be surprised if you are finding that one tough.

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