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Thread: Farming Gems; How do you do it?

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    Farming Gems; How do you do it?

    So recently I have started farming gems.
    The best method for myself that I found was doing one of the open world challenges.
    I'm making about 300 to 500 gems every 3-5 minutes.
    I made a clip showing where and what right here:

    It also includes two 1000 gem chest locations in the open world.

    I have not found a more effecient method for myself, but was wondering how everyone else is farming their gems.
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    I prefer the Amphitheater, clarer vision, approx same amount of gems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by f4c3m4n View Post
    I prefer the Amphitheater, clarer vision, approx same amount of gems.
    I tried that, but the enemy's spawn outside the initial ring where you are, so time wise it seemed less efficient to me.
    The reason I decided on this challenge, was because everything spawns close together.

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    All of the amphitheater enemies are killable with weapons so better for contributing to the challenge for this week.

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    Given that challenges vary on weather conditions, which whether conditions for which challenges make best for gem grinding? I noticed some challenges with certain enemies give off more gems from dead enemies from others, sometimes they drop those bags that scatter gems. Though I haven't really tried to remain conscious of what weather conditions on what challenges offer best results.

    Also, what weapons are you using? I imagine that can factor into how quickly you can clear the combat challenges. I myself like a mix of the auto-shotgun, the rocket launcher (for enemies that require explosion to finish off), and I've been switching up use of rail gun and chain gun (I'll use rail gun which is good for enemies with shields). Mixed with different amulet and ring perks I can usually tear through most challenges very quickly.

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    I haven't noticed a difference in drops from enemies depending on the weather or time of day. The big thing is to have a "Treasure Hunter" upgrade active.

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    I agree. The treasure hunter upgrade seems the most important aspect.

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