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Thread: How to: Fix progression halts/bug (Gamebreaking)

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    How to: Fix progression halts/bug (Gamebreaking)

    Since I encountered it twice now, and I had 2 people in my PSN list that also had it. I figured I'll post my solution in order to fix this.
    It does however require 2 controllers and 2 PSN accounts(Obviously, since the PS4 requires you to have multiple users/accounts for every person that wants to join).

    I spend an hour or 2 getting frustrated after getting stuck in one of the tombs, with the progress being bugged and either in a loop, or not willing to continue, thus trapping me in to the game, with no way of escaping relogging, rebooting etc does not help, as when you continue you just pick up where you left off, stil in the same loop or progression halt.

    Anyway, if this happends to you, here's how to fix it.
    Let's say YOU are PSN1, and your second controller/user we'll name PSN2.

    Step 1: Log in to/start the game with PSN1.
    Step 2: Log on to the PS4 with PSN2.
    Step 3: Press pause on PSN1. (Only then can you have a second controller log in)
    Step 4: Join the game with PSN2 Next step is important!
    Step 5: When PSN2 is prompted to copy PSN1's save, DO IT (Press YES)
    Step 6: Unpause, select characters, and wait a second or 10 when you both enter the game.
    Step 7: Close the game entirely.
    Step 8: Open and start the game with PSN2
    Step 9: Join the game with PSN1 Next step is important!
    Step 10: When PSN1 is prompted to copy PS2's save again press YES.
    Step 11: Again just wait about 10 seconds after entering the game.

    Now just close the application, start the game with your main account, and you should now be able to progress again making you unstuck.

    It took me a while of fiddling around to figure it out, but it has helped everyone that had this issue so far.

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    Bumping this up so people can see how to fix this issue untill it's patched.

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