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Thread: What does "Treasure Hunter" & "Supply Hunter" do?

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    What does "Treasure Hunter" & "Supply Hunter" do?

    Topic pretty much speaks for itself.
    Though I'm assuming Supply hunter makes ammo drop more frequently
    Treasure Hunter however, I'm not sure about, I checked if I it would up the value on gems perhaps, but that's not the case.

    Could someone clarify?

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    Since you're one of few who have the game early, I'll go with no But if I were to guess, I'd say they show you the nearest treasure or supplies stock, perhaps via sound or glowing stuff?
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    Hmm, well I didn't notice anything regarding that when wearing the amulet, I have a feeling it involves how loot works for you, but not sure if it for example, makes items and mobs drop more gems frequently, or up the chance rate on rare/legendary items from the chests.

    The treasure chests are all over the place, they refresh when opened already, you just have to spend gems in order to open them.
    So an indication to show or ping the nearest one would be practically useless.

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    Hey there! Supply Hunter increases the likelihood of ammo and health pickups dropping. Treasure Hunter increases the chances of gems dropping. All pick-up types can drop from an enemy death, destructible objects such as vases, or lighting torches.

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    Awesome, thank you.

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    As a suggestion they should add a like description if you click the item that tells what it does, do the outfits do anything? My fav outfit is the classic lara outfit!

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