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Thread: First impressions - spoilertags applied

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    First impressions - spoilertags applied

    I'm at level three now; so far this game has two things that TR9 didn't have:

    (About dialogue and voice over)

    (About the soundtracks)

    Overall my first impressions are completely positive: I haven't encountered a serious flaw yet.

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    Have been having a good impression too.
    I only encountered 2 bugs, 1 that was somewhat gamebreaking.

    Inm one of the temples you have to set vents on fire.
    If you accidencally hit it while having fire bullets before the cutscene hits, you will be stuck there and can't process.
    Relogging etc nothing helped.
    The only thing I managed to do to fix it, is join on my 2nd controller, copy my mains save, and then copy that save back, relog and login by myself, and that fixed it fortunately.

    The minor bug I had was stepping into the water and being stuck on a staircase (couldn't move)
    Easy way to fix it, is just pop bombs under yourself and kill yourself.
    Only 2 bugs I encountered, and only happened once each.

    All in all though, I'm loving the music, I'm loving the gameplay, I just need people to do co-op with, as non of my RL friends are gamers to begin with.
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    If you want I'll look out for you on PSN, though I can't communicate through headset and I'm not as leveled up yet.

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    That's fine, feel free to add me, I'll be on again later today.
    My PSN is the same as my forum name.
    I can help you progress if you want, plus 1,2,3 and 4 player games all give ammo and health upgrades individually, so it's a plus for me too.
    It seems this game encourages co-op for progression sake.
    And after doing a few 2 man games with random people it's actually pretty fun.

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    I'll be busy today, but tomorrow I'll be back

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    Glad to hear positive stuff. I love comical Lara dialogue.
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    So how long is it? I heard 6 hours and tbh I don't want to spend 20 dollars on a 6 hour game lmao.
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    Took me about 6 hours to complete the entire story, though every tomb you visit also has challanges which can't be completed in 1 go, so it has replay value.
    Not to mention you can complete everything in 2, 3 and 4 player co-op, changing the puzzles in each tomb depending on the ammount of players, on top of collectibles (e.g. upgrades and such) which you can get in 1,2,3 and 4 player versions of each tomb.
    Not to mention there are a lot of different loot items available, ranging from common to legendary.
    If you are getting this to play c-op then it's definitly worth the 20 dollars.

    Ontop of that, there are plenty of yhigh end titles that cost 60-70 bucks and last maybe 10 hours with no replay value.
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