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Nirvaana of Genesis

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    Another GREE title.

    But, is it already released or was announced for release? Just wondering.

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    Released today:

    Ah, here we go: More information and pictures via Siliconera.

    "Square Enix Card Game Mashes Myths And Monsters Together"

    "Square Enix announced Nirvaana of Genesis, a social card battling game where myth and monsters from all over the world come alive. You’ll see Greek gods and Buddhist deities in the same game, which kind of gives Nirvaana of Genesis a Megaten vibe. The art style couldn’t be more different, though!

    These are some of the monster cards in Nirvaana of Genesis.

    Odin -

    Aphrodite -

    Aries -

    Centaur -

    Dragon Rider -

    Vajrayaksa -

    Nirvaana of Genesis has a cast of cutesy assistant characters too.

    Luna is the first person the hero meets in Nadia Village. She works for Zoff the blacksmith.

    Zoff acts as a foster parent to Luna and more importantly he can strengthen your cards.

    Reina works in a magic research group.

    Nirvaana of Genesis has a monster synthesis system, event scenes, and like other social games it’s free.

    Smile-Lab, one of Square Enix’s internal studios, made Nirvaan of Genesis for GREE."