Thread: PS3 Sound Glitch Fix - I got it covered.

PS3 Sound Glitch Fix - I got it covered.

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    Exclamation PS3 Sound Glitch Fix - I got it covered.

    After some tweaking of the system properties, if you have an HDMI force settings to exclude 720p. This will make Thief run at 480p by default, also if your TV can support it use some higher Frequency sound modes. Turn off any unnecessary online connections such as media server etc. Make sure your fullscreen and PS smoothing is on. Select any in menu options for your HDTV such as Overscan mode wide range, noise reduction, sharpness, etc. You will need to adjust any video settings for the best appearance for visuals and text at 420p. It will take a bit of experimenting with the PS3 settings in combo with your TV until you figure out what frequencies your TV or audio system supports and the TV's internal menu to make it look as best as possible. GL with your tuning and enjoy a much less choppy A/V experience on the PS3.

    Insignia 39" NS-39D400NA14
    Video Settings:
    Sharpness 55
    Display: Wide (16:9)
    Dynamic Backlightff
    Adaptive Contrastff
    Noise Reduction (which is a video glitch error filter): Middle

    Audio Settings:
    I set the HDTV sound mode to news which favors voices over ambient noise as opposed to movie settings which takes all the sound effects into account. I doesn't have anything to do with the sound glitches but it enhances voices over background making the voices predominant.
    Your HDTV can support Dolby, DTS whatever setup you have, most people use Linear PCM. I have the mode set to PCM. This will matter for the PS3 about what wattage your speakers are and what frequencies they can support. Look these specs up online to make sure you dont set a bad Freq. for your speakers.

    PS3 500GB Red Slim Model Settings:
    Game Settings:
    SD to HD Full: Might as well leave it on.
    PS Smoothing:On

    Music Settings:
    Dynamic Volume between Tracks: Off (This may or may not affect the performance I haven't tried it out enough but if in game music separates tracks when playing them, turning it off may resolve some system resource issues regarding sounds.)

    Accessory Settings:
    Stereo Headset Extension: off

    Video Display settings:
    HDMI: Custom 480p(On) 720p (off) 1080i and 1080p (On)
    Super white HDMI: On
    Deep Colour HDMI:Off

    Audio Output Settings:
    Depends on your setup, my Insignia has two 8W speakers so I have it set to 2 Channel Linear @96kHz
    and for my setup Audio Multi output is set to (Off)

    Network Settings:
    In general, if you are going for rankings any unnecessary connectivity should be turned off, the "What's new" should be turned off, media server connection (Off) any shared PC on your home network net card disabled or turned off.

    So as a reference guide you will need most of the settings for the PS3 as stated and any TV setting you will have to tweak for best appearance. Have Fun! -Morbolis

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