Thread: Well done.

Well done.

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    Well done.

    Why do I think Rocksteady go too much credit and square didn't get enough?

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    You mean Eidos, not Square Enix.

    Eidos was the co-publisher that backed this project up -having previously used Rocksteady to make a sequel to Urban Chaos, the studio's first title- only to have Warner Bros reap over the rewards afterwards and bought the right to the sequels as well as acquiring Rocksteady.

    This wasn't the first time Eidos got shafted over the bargain of what proves to be a successful brand new franchise, would you believe that Lego Star Wars was not originally solely published by LucasArts but co-published by Eidos? LucasArts sure did hurry into the scene once the bargain proved exceptionally worthwhile, and developer Travelers Tale partially owe the foundation of their international success to Eidos.

    By the way guess who does Travelers Tale work for now?
    Warner Bros, making new Batman games.

    It's a conspiracy!

    See also TimeSplitters, Eidos being responsible for the first two entry, then EA came in and now the franchise is in a void.
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