Thread: Upgrading Weapons and Shields

Upgrading Weapons and Shields

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    Upgrading Weapons and Shields

    I have searched the forums for a guide on where I can buy the components to upgrade shields and weapons like the sword polisher and mighty material but I can't seem to find anything. If someone could advise me where I can find these items that would be great. I am on normal NG+ after beating the last boss (yey).

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    Well it seems you missed the NPCs that sell them. You can buy the components as soon as you start NG+. There is one in Luxerion from the moment you can control Lightning, just head to the west of the main square near the northern station.

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    Awesome thank you very much - how I missed them, I dont know

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    Btw keep in mind some upgrades do cost more Gil. Wrapping up more missions via the "Canvas of Prayers" + Side quests should help.
    Oh and there is a rare item seller too, sometimes they pop up in Yusnaan