Thread: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remastered: Chocobo Catcher Glitched and Broken

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remastered: Chocobo Catcher Glitched and Broken

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    Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remastered: Chocobo Catcher Glitched and Broken

    This normally wouldn't agitate me as much as it is however I've grown tired of dealing with a mini-game that since the remastered version was released is completely broken.
    Here's a list of the current issues plaguing the remaster which need addressing. We didn't pay for a remastered version to be left with half assed software.

    1) The controls are unresponsive (you press an arrow and end up with a one to two second delay between input and reception)
    2) The NPC is broken as even when she is behind the player many times balloons are credited to her instead of the player.
    3) Birds seem to pass through the NPC at points completely ignoring them despite visibly going through the same XYZ plane and then collide directly with the player even if said bird was not in the target box to hit the player.
    4) Stun immunity period following bird collision was removed, not sure who thought that was a bright idea but being chained stunned ruins the enjoyment quick and when handling a $200 piece of hardware it's not wise to create an issue that might spur the breaking of said expensive item.
    5) Even in the event the player reaches 0:0.0 (done so twice now) the system doesn't always count said time leaving the time to beat marked at 0:0.0 and no rewards given.
    6) Birds at both turn two and finish have no visual cues, they merely appear directly on the player making it nigh impossible less for luck to avoid them.
    And last but not least 7) Making a frustrating mini-game a determining factor in obtaining an ultimate weapon, seriously whose bright idea was this? I asked back when the game was initially released but never got a response.

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    FFX is full of dumb mini-games with an high rate of chance determining them...
    I've played FF VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XII and even in FF XII and its damned loots and chests it's more dumb than chocobos race
    - why the chocobo is SO drunk ??
    - why is it moving from one direction to another even with no control of the user ?
    - why we have to be just on the ballon to validate it ? plenty of time i'm on the ballon, i touch it, but I wasn't exactly where the string stand in the ground so it's not validated !!!
    - Why is there more birds in this valley than in the Hitchcock'birds movie ?
    I hope the developers who did this mini game never touched a FF until...
    In fact all the mini games :
    - chocobos 0:0:0,
    - mihem chocobos (uncontralable one, i don't even know why once i succedded, cause i did 100 times the same race whit 99 failed !)
    - 200 lightning bolt dodge (in one time !!, perfect NONSENSE, i didn't see where developers see that "people will enjoy it" !!, divided by 5 all the dodge for the price could be enough no ? you have to spend 40minutes waiting for each lightning bolt every 10s, you even can't close the eyes !! and if you failed at 198, no chance for you !)
    - the f** butterflies... with enough time to do it if there is no red butterflies...

    I did and finished all the mini games when i had FF X on my PS2. 10 years after i fell funny to re-do the game, but i secretly hoped that mini games had changed. Yes they are, they are worse !! No maniability improved, and the birds, the lightning, butterflies, etc... that at this time, maybe, slowed by the capacity of the PS2, are quicker to let us down... Please, if you want your fans to do the final fantasy series from the beginning to the end (i had done for all the ff i played, done all the stories and secondary/secrets quests). but those ones just make us bored about. i'd rather prefer a hard boss, or a long quest, or the SO perfect mini-games from FF VII (best opus, for his story or even for quests and mini-games) than this russian roulette with 6 bullets in the barrel.

    Just one question. Is the developers of the FF X mini games have tested their products ? Are they managed themselves to do 0:0:0 race before selling this ? Are they able to dodge 200 lightning bold or they just take one number like another one ? Why not 1000 instead of 200 ? Are they able to open 5 chests and win the Mihem chocobo's race ? I think no one has ever tested (even tasted) thos mini games at Square Enix... Unfortunately for the users...

    I think everybody is according to me.

    Sory for my English, I'm french.