I can not find where this "patch" is, and I do not have the PC version so I do not know how to patch a Xbox 360 downloaded game. That being said I bought this when I had a gold account, and Xbox now allows you to play any game you want that you bought (or in my case got for free 1 weekend because I was a gold member) for the Xbox 360 no matter what your account status is. That being said when I initially played it, and this time I played it I noticed it froze my Xbox 360 at the cut-scene for Countdown. Which is the 2nd to the last missions needed to play the game to it's full extent. I am hitting my head against a wall over this. I mean this isn't the first time I downloaded this game and this had happened. I never shut off the system during a save, and the save file is not listed as corrupt; but the game clearly is. I heard a rumor about a patch, and yet I can not find it nor how to put it on my Xbox 360.